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Mediator Companies

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Contractors and Suppliers

Mediation is a technology which inserts intelligent processing modules, called mediators, between servers and clients to provide value-added processing. A number of contractors have now the capability to build the required application interfaces and implement the architecture. The number of platforms and languages varies, and there is some discussion on style, as preferring fat versus thin mediators. They interact with their customers to acquire domain knowledge. As more implementation enter practice the infrastructure grows, and we expect that mediators can be installed rapidly and be maintained by their owners

We list some of the companies now active in the area, since they are still relatively unknown. There are of course many larger companies that are also building systems for their own use.

Suppliers of Mediation Technology:

Name: Active Software
Specialty: see Click

Name: Alyanza Corp
Town: Mountain View, CA
Specialty: Three-layer JAVA architecture
Contact: <>

Name: Amos
Town: Munich, Germany
Specialty: Mediating DBMS for images
Contact: <>

Name: BEA systems
Town: Sunnyvale, CA
Product: TUXEDO platform; MessageQ
Specialty: large-scale infrastructure, messaging
Contact: Bill Coleman <>

Name: Bodha
Town: Mountain View CA
Product: BRIEF (Bodha Rapid IntEgration Framework)
Specialty: B2B mediator software
Contact: Vishal Sikka <>

Name: CA (Computer Associates)
Town: Islandia, NY
Web:" Product: OPAL
Specialty: Screenscraper, extract and integratate output without an API.
. Contact: <>

Name: Cloudscape
Town: Oakland, CA
Products: Java SQL manager, also Dyade (see GIE-Bull)
Speciality: eCommerce support
Contact: Malcolm Colton <;

Name: Constellar
Town: Redwood Shores, CA
Speciality: rule-based warehouse population

Name: Cermics
Town: Sophia Antipolis, France
Specialty: Relational to object wrapper
Contact: Franck Lebastard, +33 (0)4 92 38 77 42 <> Click

Name: Enosys Markets
Town: San Diego, CA
Specialty: XML-based data integration
Contact: Vasilis Vassalos, +858 552-7620x37 <> Click

Name: Enterworks (subsidiary of Telos)
Town: Ashburn, VA
Speciality: Web-oriented access and integration for healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, and government Contact: <Darren_Horwitz/>

Name: Entigent Software
Town: Sunnyvale CA
Specialty: support of drug-discovery; integration and ranking of genomics and pharmaceutical information, mediator software
Contact: Denise Gilbert <>

Name: FastXchange (spinoff from ISI)
Town: Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Speciality: procurement
Contact: Anna-Lena Neches <>

Name: Genelogic
Town: Berkeley, CA
Speciality: genomics information in object form
Contact: Victor Markowitz <>

Name: GIE-Bull & INRIA
Town: (Paris) France
Web: and
Product: Dyade
Specialty: Querying heterogeneous sources
Contact:Patrick Valduriez <>

Name: Global InfoTek, Inc.
Town: Vienna, VA. 22180
Web: //
Specialty: mediation and Java-based ad hoc query and visualization tools.
Contact: Ray Emami <>

Name: Hyperion Solutions
Town: Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Product: Integration Server, ESSBASE
Specialization: Manage Metadata for integration for OLPA
Contact: "Alex Russakovskii" <>

Name: IBM MQseries
Town: ubiquitous
Specialty: wrappers to handle multiple communication protocols. Interoperation with SAP R3.
Contact: <>

Name: IBM Tivoli
Town: ubiquitous
Specialty: monitor performance of distributed components.
Contact: <>

Name: I-Kinetics Inc,
Town: Cambridge, MA
Web: www.i-kinetics/
Specialty: scalable acess methods
Contact: Bruce Cottman <>

Name: ISI
Town: Marina Del Ray, CA 90292
Specialty: research, system engineering
Contact: Ygal Arens <>

Name: ISX
Town: Westlake Village, CA
Speciality: intelligence systems, planning and logistics
Contact: Nancy Lehrer <>

Name: Junglee
Town: was Sunnyvale, CA, moved to Seattle as part of">Click
Speciality: web source integration and filtering for shopping, job placement, etc., used by Yahoo a.o.
Contact: Anand Rajaraman <>

Name: K2 Informatics, Inc.
Town: Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
Specialty: genomic information
Contact: Karen J. Giroux <>

Name: Lime
Town: Rohester, NY; Milano, Italy; St.Louis, MO
Specialty: middleware for physical and logical mobility.
Contact: Amy Murphy <> , Gian Pietro Picco <> ; Gruia-Catalin Roman <> .

Name: Lockheed-Martin Idaho Technologies
Products: IDIM, MERLIN
Town: Idaho Falls, ID
Speciality: systems engineering, communication (KQML) for government
Contact: Robin McEntire <>

Name: MCC
Town: Austin, TX
Product: InfoSleuth
Specialty: mediating agent research for consortium members
Contact: Marek Rusinkiewicz <>

Name: Mercator
Town: Wilton, CN
Speciality: XML-based data Integration for EDI, SWIFT (banking), HiPAA sources. Product: Mercator Integration Broker Contact: Eileen Gary

Name: MetaMatrix
Town: New York City, NY
Speciality: Enterprise Content Integration, eCommerce infrastructure software to manage the metadata of disparate data repositories and to provide uniform access to these information silos. Contact: Shawn Curtiss <>

Name: MetBroker
Town: Tsukuba, Japan
Product: MetBroker Web:
Speciality: WeatHer Data Mediator, open source, multiple languages Contact: Matthew Laurenson <>

Name: Mergent (now bought by CommerceOne)
Town: Palo Alto, CA
Speciality: Mediator software, resource scheduling
Contact: <>

Name: Modulant
Town: San Francisco, CA
Product: Curtana Web:
Speciality: semantic enterprise information interoperability platform
Contact: Andrea Bruno, 415-281-4551,<>

Name: MOMA (Message-oriented Middleware Association)
Specialty: Non-profit standards body: {Momentum, Neon, Netweave, PeerLogic}
Contact: <>

Name: MetaPhase
Product: MRP/ERP
Town: Minneapolis MN
Web: ?
Specialty: System Integration, including Manufacturing Enterprise Resource management, document and data control, and CAE/CAD/CAM
Contact: Mark Olson <>

Name: MicroMuse
Product: (NETCOOL).
Town: San Francisco, CA
Specialty: Event collection from wide variety of distributed system for performance asssesment.
Contact: <>

Name: MINT Technologies
Specialty: Aggregation of financial information. Uses TIBCO.
Contact: <>

Name: Momentum Software
Specialty: Software toolset: Queues, semaphores, shared memory.
Contact: <>

Name: NASTEL Technologies
Specialty: Consulting, support for IBM MQ Series. Protection.
Contact: <>

Name: NEON (New Era of Networks)
Town: Denver, CO
Specialty: Message Queuing, Dynamic Formatting, Rules Engine, Data Replication. Uses IBM MQ.
Contact: <>

Name: NetWeave
Town: Philadelphia, PA.
Specialty: Workstation access to legacy systems
Contact: <>

Name: Net Dynamics
Specialty: Enterprise platform
Contact: <>

Name: Nimble Technnology
Town: Seattle, WA
Specialty: XML-based data integration
Contact: Alon Halevy, Daniel Weld <>

Name: Peer Logic
Town: San Francisco, CA
Product: PIPES
Specialty: Message support for asynchronous, non-blocking communication
Contact: <>

Name: Persistence Software
Town: San Mateo CA
Specialty: relation to object transformation
Contact: <>

Name: Qios
Town: Melbourne, Australia; Si
Specialty: Freeware for Querying and Integration of Internet data.
Contact:Iztok Savnik <>

Name: San Diego Super Computer (SDSC) and UC San Diego (UCSD)
Town: San Diego CA
Product: MIX Web:
Specialty: XML-based mediation, query languge (XMAS)
Contact: Yannis Papakonstantinou <>

Name: Sapior
Town: London, England
Specialty: Surrogate key mapping for integration
Contact: Barbara Navarro <>

Name: Socratix
Town: Palo Alto CA
Specialty: clinical and biological information
Contact: Russ Altman <>

Name: Tesserae Information Systems
Town: San Jose, CA 95113
Speciality: electronic commerce
Contact: Narinder Singh <>

Name: TIBCO (Was Teknekron Software Systems)
Town: Palo Alto, CA 95113
Speciality: Publish and subscribe technology (Information Bus; Rendezvous)
Contact: ;

Name: TopTier
Town: San Jose, CA 95119
Product: HyperRelation
Specialization: Virtual databases
Contact: "Joe Zarb" <>

Name: Viewlocity
Town: Stamford, CN NY
Web:" Product: AMTrix
Specialty: access to SAP R/3 and IBM MQseries systems.
Contact: <>

Name: Vitria
Town: Palo Alto, CA 95119
Products: Agiliti; Velociti; Martini. Web:
Speciality: Model-based business process engine. Rule-based, triggered by business activities. Publish-subscribe message-delivery. Aggregation of low-level data.
Contact: "Dale Skeen" <>


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