Scalable Knowledge Composition


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Table of Contents

Scalable Knowledge Composition

Heterogeneity among Domains 

Problem Addressed by SKC

SKC Objective

An Ontology Algebra

Sample Operation: INTERSECTION

Sample Intersections .

Benefit of going to the sources

Tools to create articulations

continue from initial point

Candidate Match Repository

Using the Match Repository

Rules for Real-Time Data


Other Basic Operations

Features of an algebra

Knowledge Composition

Primitive Operations

Exploiting the result .

Domain Specialization .

Aspects that Focus SKC

SKC Synopsis

Innovation in SKC

Status September 1999 .

Backup Viewgraphs

Sample Processing in HPKB

Domain-specific Knowledge .

Domain-specific Expertise .

Example in Health Care .

Components of Ontologies .

Existing Ontologies

Ontology Sharing

Current Directions

Summary .

Author: Gio Wiederhold