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Project Summary

Our work is driven by the vision of a Global InfoBase (GIB): a ubiquitous and universal information resource, simple to use, up to date, and comprehensive. The project consists of four interrelated thrusts: 

(i) Combining Technologies: integrating technologies for information retrieval, database management, and hypertext navigation, to achieve a "universal" information model; 

(ii) Personalization: developing tools for personalizing information management; 

(iii) Semantics: Using natural-language processing and structural techniques for analyzing the semantics of Web pages; and 

(iv) Data Mining: designing new algorithms for mining information in order to synthesize new knowledge.  

This project is supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant IIS-0085896.



Students (full-time, part-time, grad, undergrad and alums)



Sites relevant to the project  include: DB Group home page, Infolab home page, NLP Group home page, Digital Libraries project home page.


Final Report

Progress Report, 2004

Progress Report, 2003

Progress Report, 2002

Progress Report, 2001

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