`Intelligent Integration of Information'

Edited by Gio Wiederhold; published by Kluwer Academic Publishers.
This book is based on the double issue on of the Journal on Intelligent Information Systems (Vol.6, nos. 2-3).

It provides an overview of several projects that try to add value to traditional database and web acess. It contains the following papers

  1. Editor's Foreword: G. Wiederhold.
  2. Query Reformulation for Dynamic Information Integration: Y. Arens, Craig Knoblock, and Wei-Min Shen.
  3. Information Mediation in Cyberspace: Scalable Methods for Declarative Information Networks: S. Dao and B. Perry.
  4. An Approach to Information Mediation in the Industrial Domain: A. Goldschmidt.
  5. NCL: A Common Language for Achieving Rule-Based Interoperability Among Heterogeneous Systems: S.Y.W. Su, et al.
  6. Generating Data Integration Mediators that Use Materialization: G. Zhou, et al.
  7. CoBase: A Scalable and Extensible Cooperative Information System: W.W. Chu, et al.
  8. Integrating Information via Matchmaking: D. Kuokka and L. Harada.
  9. Glossary: G. Wiederhold.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston
Date of publishing: July 1996
216 pp. Hardbound
ISBN: 0-7923-9726-6
Prices: NLG: 250.00, USD: 135.00, GBP: 95.95

I wish it were less costly, but it does provide a useful reference, a snapshot of the field, and the concepts in mediated architectures.
I attach Kluwer's order form for those who want to obtain it.

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