Extrapolating Trends for Information Technology


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Table of Contents

Extrapolating Trends for Information Technology

T r e n d s 1998 : 1999



The Problem of Information Growth:

Precision in:

Search techniques to add value

Problems for search engines and progress

The world wide information network and its participants

Understand the Architecture for Information Technology:

Specifications for the components

Functional Service Layers

Modeling: sources

Customer models

Personal vs. Customer Model

Service layer

Value-added intermediate services 1

Value-added intermediate services 2

Abstraction layers differ:

Combining the models

Mediator Service Design Principle

Result modes for ranking


Mediation for Quality

Computing Projections

Extending the support into the future

Architecture instances

Assigning maintenance responsibility


Technology Transition .

Understanding the other parties

Research economy transfer paths

Operating Systems

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Alternative solutions


Author: Gio Wiederhold

Email: Gio@db.stanford.edu

Home Page: www-db.stanford.edu/people/gio.html

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