The Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL)

The page has not been completed, and only provides pointers to other information at the Stanford History Displays and other sites. SAIL was located in D.C. Powers building -- donated by G.T.&E. -- from 1965 to 1991, in the hills to the South of Campus.
Bill Baumgart (BGB) maintains an extensive archive of SAIL information, including all the archive tapes. Their contents is being Googled.

    Stanford Displays
  1. AI Lab displayon floor 1
  2. Librascope disk from SAIL, on display on floor 1
  3. DEC exhibit
  4. PDP-6 card in basement (not visible in picture)
  5. Lab pictures
  6. Lab pictures
  7. Pony vending in use
    External sites
  8. Wikpedia entry for SAIL
  9. The Foonly Computer
  10. WAITS operating system

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