SAIL computer Lab display


Material from SAIL and layout provided mainly by Martin Frost [ME] and Les Earnest [LES]

An archive of SAIL information is being maintained by Bruce Baumgart, at htpp:// Since that archive is not currently (Jan 2002) publically available (see, we have set up a local list of some of the photographs, but these have incomplete identifications.

Over view of the SAIL display

The aerial photograph in the background, showing the D.C. Powers building housibg the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory from 1965 to is from a calendar saved by Les Earnest. It was scanned by Hans Moravec (HPM) and printed courtesy of Hewlett-Packard Corp.

DEC Tapes and III display processor control panel [ME]

These tapes permitted archival and ackup storage of programs and data. For reliability all bits were written in duplicate on its 16 (?) longitudanal tracks.

SAIL-keyboard [ME]

Data Disc display memory [ME]

SAIL Manual covers: SAIL compiler, FAIL debugger, BAIL interactive compiler, E editor, SAIL Tutuorial, UUO system macros,
Monitor timesharing system (partially visible below) [ME]

The displays at SAIL showed a sailboat moving across the screen prior to login, at times trailing a seminar announcement.
For each week of uninterrupted operation another sailboat was added, and after a month a schooner replaced 30 days of boats.

DataDisc Display replacement Random-access memory board [ME].

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