Andreas Paepcke


Stanford University
353 Jane Stanford Way
Gates Computer Science rm 426
Stanford, CA 94305

Phone: 650-723-9684


Dr. Andreas Paepcke is a Senior Research Scientist at Stanford University. His interests include user interfaces and systems for teaching and learning. He uses data analytics to create tools that benefit these online efforts. He also applies machine learning technologies towards ecological causes. In the past Dr. Paepcke and his groups of students designed and implemented WebBase, an experimental storage and high speed dissemination system for Web content. Their work on small devices focused on novel methods for summarizing and transforming Web pages, and browsing images on small displays. Dr. Paepcke has served on numerous program committees, including a position as Vice Program Chair, heading the World-Wide Web Conference's 'Browsers and User Interfaces' program track, and as Program Chair for the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2008. He served on several National Science Foundation proposal evaluation panels and was co-founding associate editor of ACM Transactions on the Web. Dr. Paepcke received BS and MS degrees in applied mathematics from Harvard University, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Previously, he worked as a researcher at Hewlett-Packard Laboratory, and as a research consultant at Xerox PARC. He has served on a number of technical advisory boards for startup companies. 


(Some long neglected, but still bubbling below the surface)

  • Piano studies and simple composition:

    Piano studies and simple composition. Listen to Spring-24, performed by I'lana Cotton. 

    Or listen to Der Ewige Sturzbach, performed by I'lana Cotton, because I can't play my own even simple compositions with my limited skills. I composed piece right after I learned about counterpoint. Thus another example of neo-convert enthusiasm: when all you have is counterpoint, everything looks like a cantus. The first theme is a tiny snippet from a work by Bach. Roughly translated, the title reads "The Eternal Tumbling Mountain Brook." The 'eternal' is for my taking an entire year to finish the piece. The 'brook' (in German 'Bach') is a tribute to the composer. 'Tumbling,' because I started with Bach and then went downhill. A big 'Thank you, ' though, to my composition teacher I'lana, who stemmed the downward slide. I imagine her teeth all worn out from the weekly secret grinding during our lesson.

  • Worrying:

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  • Poetry:

    (OK, just one; I am still maturing towards truly understanding poems)


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