Picture of Janine as newborn

Janine Natascha Elektra was born on January 20, 1996 at 11:20 at the Rotkreuz Hospital in Zürich. She measured 51cm and weighted 3680g at the time of her birth. This picture was taken shortly after her birth. For the first two month most of her life consists of sleeping and drinking.

She was already four months when the following pictures were taken with a Polaroid at my office. Now she is interested in everything around her and we fear the time she starts to walk... :-)

Picture of Janine Picture of Janine Picture of Janine

In the meantime she is walking, talking and doing everything else a - at the time this is written - 20 months old is doing. The following picture shows her at a party in the summer of 1997.

Picture of Janine

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