The Automatic Linguistic Indexing of Pictures System

Jia Li, James Z. Wang
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802

In this demonstration, we present the Automatic Linguistic Indexing of Pictures (ALIP) system. The system annotates images with linguistic terms, chosen among hundreds of such terms. The system uses a wavelet-based approach for feature extraction, a statistical modeling process for training, and a statistical significance processor to annotate images. We implemented and tested our ALIP system on a photographic image database of 600 different concepts, each with about 40 training images. The ALIP system has been used to annotate about 60,000 photographic images. In this demonstration, we illustrate the algorithms in the system and show the annotation results. With distributed computation, the annotation of an image can be provided in real-time. The demonstration system is available online at the site .

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Citation: Jia Li and James Z. Wang, ``The Automatic Linguistic Indexing of Pictures System,'' Proc. International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Demonstration, vol. II, pp. 1208-1209, San Diego, CA, IEEE, June 2005.

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