Bodily Expressed Emotion Understanding Through Integrating Laban Movement Analysis

Chenyan Wu (1), Dolzodmaa Davaasuren (1), Tal Shafir (2), Rachelle Tsachor (3), James Z. Wang (1)
(1) The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, USA
(2) University of Haifa, Israel
(3) University of Illinois, Chicago, USA

Body movements carry important information about a person's emotions or mental state and are essential in daily communication. Enhancing the ability of machines to understand emotions expressed through body language can improve the communication of assistive robots with children and elderly users, provide psychiatric professionals with quantitative diagnostic and prognostic assistance, and aid law enforcement in identifying deception. This study develops a high-quality human motor element dataset based on the Laban Movement Analysis movement coding system and utilizes that to jointly learn about motor elements and emotions. Our long-term ambition is to integrate knowledge from computing, psychology, and performing arts to enable automated understanding and analysis of emotion and mental state through body language. This work serves as a launchpad for further research into recognizing emotions through analysis of human movement.

Full Paper
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Full Paper
(high-resolution PDF,, 4MB)

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Citation: Chenyan Wu, Dolzodmaa Davaasuren, Tal Shafir, Rachelle Tsachor and James Z. Wang, ``Bodily Expressed Emotion Understanding Through Integrating Laban Movement Analysis,'' Patterns, vol. 4, no. 10, article 100816, pp. 1-14, 2023. Featured cover article.

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