RF*IPF: A Weighting Scheme for Multimedia Information Retrieval

James Z. Wang, Yanping Du
The Pennsylvania State University

Region-based approach has become a popular research trend in the field of multimedia database retrieval. In this paper, we present the Region Frequency and Inverse Picture Frequency (RF*IPF) weighting, a measure developed to unify region-based multimedia retrieval systems with text-based information retrieval systems. The weighting measure gives the highest weight to regions that occur often in a small number of images in the database. These regions are considered discriminators. With this weighting measure, we can blend image retrieval techniques with TF*IDF-based text retrieval techniques for large-scale Web applications. The RF*IPF weighting has been implemented as a part of our experimental SIMPLIcity image retrieval system and tested on a database of about 200,000 general-purpose images. Experiments have shown that this technique is effective in discriminating images of different semantics. Additionally, the overall similarity approach enables a simple querying interface for multimedia information retrieval systems.

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Citation: James Z. Wang and Yanping Du, ``RF*IPF: A Weighting Scheme for Multimedia Information Retrieval,'' Proc. IEEE International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP), pp. 380-385, Palermo, Italy, IEEE, 2001.

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