Wilburt Juan Labio
Department of Computer Science
Stanford University
Gates Hall 4A, Room 420
Stanford CA, 94305-9040 USA
(650) 723-9273

  • Stanford University
    Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science
    Advisor: Hector Garcia-Molina
    Thesis topic: Maintaining Data Warehouses Efficiently
9/94 -- present
  • Stanford University
    M.S. in Computer Science GPA: 4.1
9/94 -- 6/96
  • University of California at Los Angeles
    B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering GPA: 3.9
9/90 -- 6/94

Honors and Awards
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude at UCLA
  • IBM Outstanding Senior Award
    Awarded to best graduating Computer Science student at UCLA.

Work and Research Experience
  • Stanford University InfoLab, Stanford, CA
    • Led the design and development of the WHIPS data warehouse prototype.
    • Developed algorithms for updating the data warehouse. Algorithms resulted in update windows that are 6 times shorter than the update windows of previous algorithms.
    • Developed algorithms for minimizing detail data. Algorithms take advantage of constraints (e.g., referential integrity, key), and potentially reduce storage costs by 90%.
    • Developed and studied change detection algorithms for flat-files, RDBMS, and legacy systems.
    • Developed A*-based algorithms for designing the warehouse.
    • Developed source-capability sensitive algorithms for answering Internet queries. Studied performace of algorithms by integrating various HTML form based websites.
1/95 -- present
  • Sagent Technologies Inc., Mountain View, CA
    • Designed and studied an algorithm for resuming failed warehouse loads. The algorithm is novel in that it has no overhead during normal operation, but it can handle arbitrary load workflows. The resumption algorithm resulted in a ten-fold reduction of load recovery time, and will be incorporated in future versions of the Sagent Data Mart server.
    • Studied the properties of Sagent warehouse-load transforms. Suggested changes to the transforms that can lead to much more efficient load resumption.
1/98 -- present
  • Xerox PARC, Palo Alto, CA
    • Implemented document repositories that integrate conversion services using graph-minimization algorithms.
    • Implemented web-server interface of the repositories. Using this interface, the repositories respond directly to HTTP GET and POST requests.
6/96 -- 9/96
  • Intel Corp., Beaverton, OR
    • Implemented the TPC-C Benchmark driver on Microsoft SQL Server. Measured the performance of Pentium II servers using the benchmark.
6/94 -- 9/94
  • UCLA VLSI CAD Group, Los Angeles, CA
    • Designed and implemented k-way partitioning of VLSI circuits that considers both area constraints and nets-cut minimization.
    • Developed heuristic placement algorithms for minimizing the sum of the net lengths of modules in a VLSI chip.
9/93 -- 9/94
  • Tandem, Cupertino, CA
    • Implemented the TPC-C Benchmark driver by emulating database clients using multi-threading. Measured performance of servers, and experimented with client assignment to servers.
6/93 -- 9/93

Teaching Experience
  • Stanford University, Stanford, CA
    • As teaching assistant for CS245 (Database System Principles), occasionally lectured, prepared and graded assignments, assisted in preparing exams.
9/95 -- 12/95
9/96 -- 12/96

Selected Publications (full list)

Professional Activities
  • Reviewer for ACM SIGMOD, SIGMOD Record, VLDB, ICDE
  • ACM Member
  • Tau Beta Pi Member

  • Languages: Proficient in C++, C and Python. Working knowledge of Java, Javascript, Perl and MFC Foundation Classes.
  • Databases: Extensively used Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. Familiar with DB2.
  • Networking: Used ILU (a CORBA implementation) to interface C++, C, and Python programs. Knowledgeable in TCP/IP programming.
  • OS: Developed programs under UNIX, Windows and Windows NT platforms.

Extracurricular Activities
  • basketball, dancing, hiking, pool, tennis, volleyball