Report Number: CS-TR-66-47
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: An interpreter for "Iverson notation"
Author: Abrams, Philip S.
Date: August 1966
Abstract: Kenneth E. Iverson's book, "A Programming Language" [New York: Wiley, 1962], presented a highly elegant language for the description and analysis of algorithms. Although not widely acclaimed at first, "Iverson notation" (referred to as "the language" in this report) is coming to be recognized as an important tool by computer scientists and programmers. The current report contains an up-to-date definition of a subset of the language, based on recent work by Iverson and his colleagues. Chapter III describes an interpreter for the language, written jointly by the author and Lawrence M. Breed of IBM. The remainder of the paper consists of critiques of the implementation and the language, with suggestions for improvement. This report was originally submitted in fulfillment of a Computer Science 239 project supervised by Professor Niklaus Wirth, Stanford University, May 30, 1966.