Report Number: CS-TR-68-86
Institution: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science
Title: ALGOL W
Author: Bauer, Henry R.
Author: Becker, Sheldon I.
Author: Graham, Susan L.
Date: January 1968
Abstract: The textbook "Introduction to Algol" by Baumann, Feliciano, Bauer, and Samelson describes the internationally recognized language ALGOL 60 for algorithm communication. ALGOL W can be viewed as an extension of ALGOL. This document consists of (1) "Algol W Notes for Introductory Computer Science Courses" [by Henry R. Bauer, Sheldon Becker, and Susan L. Graham] which describes the differences between ALGOL 60 and ALGOL W and presents the new features of ALGOL W; (2) "Deck Set-Up"; (3) "Algol W Language Description" [by Henry R. Bauer, Sheldon Becker, and Susan L. Graham], a complete syntactic and semantic description of the language; (4) "Unit Record Equipment"; and (5) "Error Message."