Report Number: CSL-TR-97-745
Institution: Stanford University, Computer Systems Laboratory
Title: Selection of Recent Advances in Computer Systems
Author: Mencer, Oskar
Author: Flynn, Michael
Date: July 1999
Abstract: This paper presents a selection of recent research results in computer systems. The roadmap for CMOS technology for the next ten years shows a theoretical limit of 0.1 um for the channel of a MOSFET transistor, reached by 2007. Mainstream processors are adapting to multimedia applications with subword parallel instructions like Intel's MMX or HP's MAX instruction set extensions. Coprocessors and embedded processors are moving towards VLIW in order to save hardware costs. The memory system of the future is going to be the next generation of Rambus/RDRAM. Finally, Custom Computing Machines based on Field Programmable Gate Arrays are on of the promising future technologies for computing -- offering very high performance for highly parallelizable and pipelinable applications.