ImageMagickTM on the DB Group Machines

A package called ImageMagickTM has been installed on the Solaris machines (Sole, Hake,...). This is a nice set of both interactive and command line programs for editing, converting, and annotating images in various formats such as PS, JPG, GIF, TIFF, MS-WindowsBMP, etc. E.g., you can use it to convert a PS figure into TIFF which can be inserted and previewed in PowerPoint.

Installation Info

  • Version: ImageMagick, version 3.8.1.
  • Availability: Sun Solaris machines.
  • Requirement:
  • Maintainer: Chen-Chuan Kevin Chang   (

  • Documentation

  • Official Homepage
  • FAQ.
  • Supported File Format. Note: not all formats are available in our installation. Let me know if your are looking for a particular format not available.
  • Tools Overview.
  • Image Examples.
  • Man Pages are also installed (in /local/man/).

  • Tips

  • convert may be of particular interest. It can convert to and from many file formats, such as PS, EPS, TIFF, GIF, JPG, MS-WindowsBMP, etc. For example:
        // convert GIF to TIFF and rotate 90 degrees.
           convert -rotate 90 slide.gif slide.tif    
        // convert PS to GIF, with higher resolution for better fonts:
           convert -density 288 -geometry 25% slide.gif

  • Last update: Feb 27, 1997

    Chen-Chuan K. Chang