Fall Quarter 1994

10/07/94 Amr El Abbadi Managing Concurrent Activities in Collaborative Environments On leave at IBM Almaden
10/14/94 Avigdor Gal A Temporal Active Database Technion-Israel Inst. of Techn.
10/21/94 Shahram Ghandeharizadeh Management of Space in Hierarchical Storage Systems Univ. of Southern Cal.
10/28/94 Olivier Gruber An Object-Oriented Foundation for Desktop Computing INRIA
11/04/94 Berthold Reinwald Shared Memory Resident CacheIBM Almaden
11/11/94 Peter Schwarz The New RUFUS Data Model IBM Almaden
11/18/94 Bruce Blum Database Organization for Application Generation Johns Hopkins Univ. (retired)
12/02/94 Peter Karp A Storage System for Scalable Knowledge Representation SRI
12/09/94 Divy Agrawal Using Workflow Systems for Managing Business Processes Efficiently On leave at IBM Almaden