The SoftBook Electronic Publishing System

Aleksey Novicov
Softbook Press


The talk will cover:
  1. The motivation behind designing the SoftBook and the SoftBook Publishing System.
  2. An overview of the system architecture.
  3. A demonstration of the SoftBook.
  4. A further demonstration of the online Bookstores.
  5. Future possibilities.


Aleksey has spent the last 14 years developing a mixture of consumer and industrial electronic products, with an emphasis on communication products. His engineering experience spans software development, hardware design, mechanical design, systems integration, and project management.

As VP of Systems Development at SoftBook Press, he is responsible for the development of both the backend systems, as well as the overall user experience.

Prior to SoftBook Press, he was the Director of Engineering at Global Village Communication where he managed the development of all of the early TelePort and PowerPort modem products, and the development of the OneWorld communications servers. OneWorld was an intgerated server which provided send fax, receive fax, network modem, and remote access functions for workgroups up to 250 people.

And prior to that, he was a key development engineer with CellNet Data Systems where they produced electronic metering systems for the electric utility industry. He also managed the development of the first prototype of CellNet's wireless real-time communications network.

He graduated with a MSME from Stanford University in 1984, specializing in Smart Product Design and Digital Control Systems. He has a BSME from the University of British Columbia.