DATABASE SEMINAR: Spring Schedule 1998
CS 545
Organized by: Gio Wiederhold and Michael Rys

TIME: Fridays, 3:15pm until 4:30pm. Please arrive 5 min. early to sign in!
LOCATION & DIRECTIONS: Gates Information Sciences, Room B-12

Seminar Schedule

This quarter the talks will focus on Internet and Databases.

3 Apr. 1998 Internet and database related research at Stanford NAME Members of the InfoLab
AFFILIATION Stanford InfoLab
10 Apr. 1998 SGML Documents and their Manipulation in Object and Object-Relational Databases
( slides in html)
NAME Eric Neuhold
AFFILIATION ICSI, Berkeley and GMD IPSI, Germany
17 Apr. 1998 Old Media Meet New NAME Kevin McKenna
AFFILIATION The New York Times
24 Apr. 1998 Abstractions for Advanced GUI Programming NAME Moshe Zloof
AFFILIATION Hewlett-Packard
1 May 1998 The architecture required for applications on the Web NAME Adam Bosworth
8 May 1998 Web-site Management with Strudel NAME Alon Levy
AFFILIATION University of Washington
15 May 1998 Disk Array Architectures NAME Walt Burkhard
AFFILIATION Computer Science and Engineering UC San Diego
22 May 1998 The Internet, Electronic Commerce, and Databases ( slides in html) NAME Thomas Kurian
29 May 1998 Metadata and the Web NAME Ramanathan Guha
5 June 1998 Ontobroker: Ontology Based Access to the WWW NAME Rudi Studer
AFFILIATION Universität Karlsruhe
(visiting Stanford)

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Attendance at all but one session entitles enrolled students to 1 unit of credit. If you have to miss another session contact Michael Rys for compensatory work.

By signing the attendance sheet circulated in class participants signify that they participated fully in that lecture. Signing and not participating is a breach of the Stanford Honor code.

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