CS 545I - Advanced Image and Video Databases, Winter 99

Friday, 2 March, 2001.

Virage Video Indexing

Bradley Horowitz, Virage, San Mateo, CA

Founded in 1994, Virage is a provider of software and services that make video searchable and interactive, thereby enhancing the use of video over the Internet and corporate intranets. Virage products make video easy to locate, browse and use, and allow content owners to derive significant value from their video assets by transforming them into web experiences that incorporate on-demand viewing, targeted advertising and e-commerce.

Virage technology breaks traditional video into discrete video clips in real time by identifying visual scene changes, spoken words, names and faces of recognized speakers, topics discussed within each clip and other improtant information. The video index allows web users to serachfor and view any part of a video. Virage transforms traditional video into a coleection of short-format video "clips" that can be viewed and experienced in a way familiar and comfortable to Web users.

Virage products include Virage Interactive service VideoLogger, AudioLogger, Video Search Tools, and the Visual Information Retrieval Engine.

The lecture will discuss the techniques used and will demonstrate the Virage capabilities.