CS545 - Stanford Database Seminar 2004

Next Seminar Series: January-March 2005

The Stanford Database Seminar is held during the winter quarter only. It is organized by Jennifer Widom.

DateSpeaker (link to home page)Title (link to abstract)BioSlides
Jan. 9th Mike Carey, BEA Systems Enterprise Information Integration - XML to the Rescue! bio slides (ppt)
Jan. 16th Volker Markl, IBM Almaden Research Center Learning in Query Optimization bio --
Jan. 23rd C. Mohan, IBM Almaden Research Center DBCache: A Project on Database Caching Support for Web Applications bio slides (pdf)
Jan. 30th Roberta Cochrane, IBM Almaden Research Center XQuery for Next Generation DBMSs: Challenges in Realizing the Promise bio --
Feb. 6th Jignesh Patel, Univ. of Michigan Towards Declarative and Efficient Querying on Protein Structures bio slides (pdf)
Feb. 13th Michael Franklin, U.C. Berkeley HiFi Systems --- Network-centric query processing in the physical world bio slides (ppt)
Feb. 20th Junghoo Cho, UCLA Search Engines Considered Harmful: In Search of an Unbiased Web Ranking bio slides (pdf)
Feb. 27th Surajit Chaudhuri, Microsoft Research Databases and IR: Perspectives from RDBMS bio --
March 5th Christoph Freytag, Humboldt University Berlin Processing Life Science Data using Scalable Database Technology bio slides (pdf)
March 12th Wang-Chiew Tan, U.C. Santa Cruz Tracing the Provenance and Flow of Data bio slides (pdf)
April 30th
Omar Benjelloun, INRIA Futurs Active XML: A Data-Centric Perspective on Web Services -- slides (ppt)