Stanford Data Science / Infoseminar
Winter 2015
Stanford Data Science / Infoseminar is a weekly event held at Stanford that brings together people interested in big data, analytics, databases, and other interesting computer science topics.



The Stanford Data Science / Infoseminar is held during the winter quarter only. It is organized by Jure Leskovec and the Stanford Data Science Initiative. The seminar is sponsored by the Stanford Computer Forum.

Videos of the lectures are available here.


Date Speaker Title (link to abstract) Slides Video
Jan 09 2015 David Lobell, Stanford, EESS From bytes to bites: How data science might help feed the world Youtube
Jan 16 2015 Gary King, Harvard Reverse-Engineering Censorship in China PDF SCPD
Jan 23 2015 Ron Fagin, IBM Research Applying theory to practice (and practice to theory) Youtube
Jan 30 2015 Arun Majumdar, Stanford Complex Coupled Networked Systems Youtube
Feb 6 2015 Mike Snyder, Stanford, School of Medicine Personalized Medicine: Personal Omics Profiles for Analyzing Healthy and Disease States SCPD
Feb 13 2015 Phil Levis, Stanford Secure Data Science on the Internet of Things Youtube
Feb 20 2015 Alexey Pozdnukhov, UC Berkeley Urban mobility meets big data
Feb 27 2015 Thomas G. Dietterich, Oregon State Anomaly Detection with Applications in Security and Sensor Networks SCPD
Mar 6 2015 Andrew Eland, Google Advanced Technology for the Common Good Youtube
Mar 13 2015 Shivakumar Venkataraman, Google Datacenters as Computers: Google Engineering & Database Research PerspectiveS SCPD