CS 545I

  • Advanced Image & Video Databases, CS545I, W 95/96
  • Friday, 24 Jan 1997. Third lecture "Basic Issues in Content-based Retrieval"

    Dr. Dragutin Petkovic, Manager, Visual Media Management, IBM Almaden Research Laboratory

    1 General Issues

  • Image representation
  • Matching of image descriptors with query descriptors
  • Integration with traditional search and DB (SQL, text)
  • User Interface
  • Performance measures (retrieval accuracy, storage, speed)
  • Network and WWW and other systems issues
  • Data capture, annotation and indexing
  • Applications
  • Extentions to video
  • 2 Network and WWW issues

  • Networks are slow, and we need fast browsing for image data
  • The slower the browse, the more important content based retrieval
  • Interactivity on WWW
  • Important to stage the search (do the fastest one first)
  • Access control
  • 3 User Interface

  • Need to combine browse, search, navigation, and relevance feedback
  • Need to address wide variety of users, mostly non-technical users
  • "Visual" users (such as artists) search differently from others
  • Constant interplay between narrowing and broadening the search
  • Fast response
  • Don't allow the user to get lost
  • Make interface intuitive, with not too many controls
  • It is difficult to communicate a variety of ranked results, especially if ranks are combined
  • WWW issues: it is difficult to achieve interactively, speed, given the limits of browsers (HTML) and in playing back image/video/
  • Great promise, portability, use of HotJava
  • 4 IBM QBIC System

    The IBM QBIC System was demonstrated. Of particular interest is the approach to user interactions. The user is able to specify queries using both standard database queries as well as by image characteristics (color, texture, shape). These image characteristics can be specified directly or by selecting "samplers," image exemplars that contain the desired characteristics. Thumbnail images that satisfy the query are presented to the user in order of relevance, and the user can select one of these as the basis of the new query.

    5 QBIC on the WEB

    You can now try out WWW QBIC ( Query By Image Content ) from the World Wide Web. The URL is:
    wwwqbic.almaden.ibm.com See Jan 10 page, item 10 for details.