CS 545I

  • Advanced Image and Video Databases, CS545I, W 96/97
  • Friday, 31 Jan 1997. Fourth lecture "Issues in Video Retrieval"

    Dr. Dragutin Petkovic, Manager, Visual Media Management, IBM Almaden Research Laboratories

    This lecture will cover basic issues related to creating video databases. Such databases should offer the user the ability to efficiently browse and search for video that is digitally stored in large databases. Large video databases must be used by stock video houses, TV producers, medical and other eduction users, film editors, etc.

    More specifically, we will cover:

  • Basics of video and MPEG
  • Video data preparation for databases (scene cuts, annotation, keyframe selection, etc.
  • Issues related to search, browse, conent-based retrieval of video
  • IBM Almaden Research Activities

    We will also show tapes of some IBM Almaden Research Lab activities in this area.