Java and Databases

Rick Cattell


Email: rick.cattell@Eng.Sun.COM


Database connectivity is a key component for the use of the Java as an application programming language. JavaSoft recently produced a solution for this problem based on a SQL API called JDBC. JavaSoft has also laid the groundwork for Java-based object databases in ODMG and higher-level relational APIs and tools such as object/relational mappings for Java. This talk covers different kinds of databases and database APIs, and JavaSoft's plans in each area.


Dr. R. G. G. "Rick" Cattell is a Distinguished Engineer at JavaSoft, where he serves as lead architect on database connectivity. He has worked for 12 years at Sun Microsystems in both management and senior technical roles, and for ten years in research at Xerox PARC and at Carnegie-Mellon University.

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Dr. Cattell is best known for his contributions to database systems, particularly in object-oriented databases and database user interfaces. He is the author of 40 papers and 3 books in database systems and other topics. He was responsible for the Cypress DBMS at Xerox PARC, the Sun Simplify database GUI, SunSoft's NEO CORBA database integration, and JavaSoft's JDBC Java-database API. He was a founder of SQL Access, the founder and chair of the Object Database Management Group (ODMG), the author of the world's first monograph on object database systems, and the recipient of the ACM Outstanding Dissertation Award.