Data Warehousing Today


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Table of Contents

Data Warehousing Today


Why Data Warehousing?

Warehouses Create Wealth from Information

Data Warehouse Market

MCI: DW Shows Return on Investment

Randallís Supermarkets

Bank of America

Evolution of OLAP/ROLAP

OLAP: Conduit for Business Insight

OLAP: Early Evolution

Query Tools: Today

Query Tools: Architecture

Increasing Demands on Query Tools

More Limitations to Traditional Database/Query Tool Combinations

Specialized Databases

Multidimensional Databases (MDDs)

Scalability Roadblocks

MDD Configuration

Relational OLAP

Data Modeling

OLTP Design

OLAP Design

Relational OLAP Architecture

ROLAP Performance

Performance: Parallelism

Performance: Partitioning

Performance: Aggregation

Informix-MetaCube Warehouse Optimizer

Performance: Advanced Indexing

Performance: Sampling

Sampling In Action

Evolution of ROLAP to Date Brings

Integrated Relational OLAP

Informix Vision

Author: Jonathan Kraft