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Table of Contents


Talk Outline

A Data Warehouse Focus: The issues

Sources of the confusion

What is a Database . . What is a Data Warehouse?

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Short Term Gain, Long Term Pain

What is Data Mart Centric??

What is Data Mart Centric??

The Allure Of Data Marts

Quicker to Implement

Easier to Manage

Cheaper to Build

Higher Query Performance

Data Marts in Practice

Danger Signs

Chaos Again!

Why Data Marts Fail: Technical

Why Data Marts Fail: Business

Top 10 Complaints on Data Marts

Laying a Winning Foundation

Avoiding the Fall

Success for Years!

A True Data Warehouse!

The Devil is in the Detail

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History of the Issues

Summarization: Get what we have FAST

Summary vs. Detail Data

How Summary Falls Short

Today’s Summary Systems....

Today’s Summary Systems...

...Become Tomorrow's Headaches

Constantly Changing Business Requirements

The Value of Detail Data - Ask what you want !!!

Benefits of Detail Data

Pros and Cons

Quick Implementation Tips

Provide the Best of Both Worlds !

WORLDMARK 5100M CLUSTERS (Maximum Theoretical 4096 SMP Nodes)


Wal*Mart Case Study

New (Just-In-Time) Retail Paradigm

Wal*Mart System

Information as Strategic Weapon


Object/Relational Evolution

Object-Relational: Paradigm Shift?

Teradata Multimedia Object-Relational

Three Waves Of Multimedia Products

Wave(2): Medical Query

Wave(2): Financial Query

Wave(3) Financial Time-Series (UDFs In: Projection & Predicate)

Wave(3) Medical Content-Analysis Predicate: Wave(2) & Wave(3)

M-DBS SQL/C++: UDT/UDF Definition

The Scalable Multimedia Data Warehouse Architecture

Data Warehouse Concept

Financial Services - Visionary Applications

Healthcare Information System (Big Picture Application & Solution)

Knowledge Bank Highlights

Knowledge Bank

Multimedia Registry

Web Browser Interface

WEB: Internet/Intranet/Extranet Datawarehouse 3-Tier Solution

Two-Pass Paradigm Concept

Pass(1): Retrieve Tuples

Pass(2): Hand “Click” On Specific Object

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Parallel Object Server Architecture

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Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)

OSC Transport Connections

Register Utility

UDF Usage & Optimization



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Author: Felipe Carino