Connecting Object Database Systyems to the Rest of the World

Dr. Francois Bancilhon

O2 Technology


Object databases systems have now been available for more than five years. They are used in many application areas such as CAD/CAM, software engineering, GIS, Multimedia, telecommunication etc. A key requirement for many of these applications is the ability to connect the system to external applications and tools. This talk addresses the connectivity issue for object database systems.

I will briefly position object databases with respect to relational systems, object-relational systems and relational-object middleware. I will quickly describe the internal architecture of an object database system. Then, I will concentrate on the connection of such a system to the rest of the world. I will in particular address connections to:

For each one of these points, I will present and justify the design and implementation choices made in the O2 System.

Copy of slides.