SGML Document Management in OO and OR DBMS


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SGML Document Management in OO and OR DBMS


1.Database support for SGML/HyTime documents


2.1 Object modelling of documents

Sample document

Sample DTD

Basic object model (VML/VODAK)

2.2 Implementation of the object model

Straightforward object representation

Alternative representation

Modified Database Schema

Object identification

Access methods for flat elements

2.3 Object-Relational implementation

Relational Database Schema

Example Document Base

Hamlet document

Experimental Results

Analysis of experiments

3.1 Document insertion

Configuring the database application

Configuration steps

3.2 Document modification

Modified DTD

3.3 Querying

Query Templates

PAT query language

Index structures

3.4 Document rendition

4 Hytime support

Reference Mechanisms in HyTime

Extended database schema

Consistency of HyTime DTDs and documents

Current Status of the Informix DataBlade


Selected Publications

Storage of semi-structured/document data

Option 1: Bulk Data Type

Option 2: Edge-Table(s)

Option 3: Node-Table(s)

Handling of inclusions/exclusions

HyTime Architectural Form dataloc

HyTime Architectural Form clink

HyTime - methods

HyTime Architectural Forms vs. Concrete Element_Type Definitions

Conformance Checks

Measures to improve performance