Scalable Java inside Oracle 8i

Matthieu Devin
Oracle Corp.


This talks gives an overview of the Java support inside Oracle 8i. Oracle wrote a special Java VM that executes in the same address space as the SQL and PL/SQL engine. This Java VM allows you to run Java Stored Procedures, CORBA objects, Enterprise Java Beans or Java Servlets directly inside the SQL server. By relying on the TP-monitor like capabilities of the Oracle SQL server Java programs running inside Oracle 8i "scale" extremely well.


I am a development manager in the Java Products Group at Oracle, which is the group that put Java in Oracle 8i. Before working at Oracle I worked in different startups developing option trading software, C++ programming environments or implementations of Lisp systems. I have a PhD in computer science from University of Paris7 and an engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique in France.