XML: A Revolution Unfolds

Michael Rys
Microsoft Corp.


XML is revolutionizing the way data is shared and distributed accross the Intranets and Internet. Powerful tools such as the transformation language XSL and namespaces simplifies the processing of XML and enables the standardized usage of XML for even more applications - an important aspect for the widespread acceptance of XML as the foundation of an application architecture for the Web and inter-business eCommerce.

I will present the reasons for XML and how it enables a powerful application architecture for the Web and eCommerce. During the talk, I will give an overview of the current state of XML, both with respect to Microsoft and the rest of the XML world. Live demos will give you the chance to see how XML and XSL can be leveraged to build data driven applications that may be distributed accross the Web. Finally, I will give a short overview of some of the places Microsoft wants to go tomorrow with XML.


Michael Rys is a program manager at Microsoft in the SQLServer group's XML team. Prior to that, he got his Ph.D. in the area of database systems at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and was working on the Lore and TSIMMIS projects at Stanford during his post-doctorate.