Gates Building, Room 100, 3:15-4:30
Mar 8, 1996

Content Management for Multimedia Project Development - User's View

Christine M. Okon, Okon New Media, San Francisco

Seminar abstract

Content is a word that has been defined, stretched and redesigned to meet the expectations of many industries and individuals who are trying to make the most of multimedia. Content is what remains when the technology wears off: the story, the intellectual property, the image, the song, the art.
Ms. Okon will compare the structure and idiom of different traditional media to define "multimedia" content within the context of multimedia project development. She will discuss the trends, challenges and opportunities of acquiring, developing, distributing and managing multimedia content for different environments and applications. Demonstrations of stock image CD-ROMs and internet sites will be included.

About Christine M. Okon

Christine M. Okon, principal of Okon New Media, is a writer and consultant specializing in multimedia content acquisition, development and distribution in networked environments. She is co-author of the book Multimedia Demystified, published by Random House, Apple Computer Inc. and vivid studios and is a regular contributor to computer and consumer publications, including Advanced Imaging, MacUser and Multimedia World. Her special focus is new directions in multimedia information systems technology and applications. She is currently working on a book about digital content acquisition and development for multimedia personnel. Ms. Okon is on the faculty of San Francisco State University's Multimedia Studies Program.
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