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Department of Computer Science
Gates Information Sciences, 4-A
Room 425
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-9040
+1 (415) 723-3118 (direct)
+1 (415) 723-0872 (Secretary)
+1 (415) 725-2588 (Fax)


Areas of Research:

Database system interoperation; semistructured data; data warehousing; federated database systems; database system modeling; authorization and security mechanisms for database systems

Biographical Sketch:

Joachim Hammer is a member of the database group at Stanford University. His research centers around the essential problem of integrating heterogeneous data from a variety of (semi-)structured sources (e.g., database systems, digital libraries, file systems, etc.) in order to simplify access and provide a unified view of the underlying data. Joachim received his Ph.D. form the University of Southern California in 1994.

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Joachim's papers are available online in Postscript form. Alternatively, you may want to use the database group publications server to search for the desired paper.


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