Stanford University Mobile Activity TRAces

While there are different research foci in the mobile computing community, most research requires mobile activity traces in terms of user calling and mobility patterns. Since such information currently is hard to come by, researchers propose personal models and validate their algorithms against these models. This approach has two problems (1) if the models are unrealistic, invalid conclusions may be drawn, and (2) due to the variety of models, it is impossible to easily compare performance results of algorithms from two papers on the same topic.

SUMATRA is a trace generator that encompasses several calling and mobility models. The unique aspect of SUMATRA is that it is well-validated against real data on calling and mobility traces our research group has obtained. By releasing the user calling and mobility traces from SUMATRA to the entire wireless community, we hope to provide a common "benchmark" in which researchers can directly exchange performance results, and avoid inaccuracies.

The four traces below are geared towards and modeled after connection oriented traffic. They are listed below from simplest to most complex. Since the first is by far the smallest trace, we suggest you acquaint yourself with it before moving on to the others.


The following pages define the trace parameters and the trace file formats used for each trace above.

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