Trusted Interoperation of Healthcare Information


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Table of Contents

Trusted Interoperation of Healthcare Information

Filling a Gap in Security Practice

Protecting Collaboration

A Security Mediator for Healthcare Information

Security Mediators 1. for Healthcare Information 2. for Secure Collaboration



Dominant approach

Remaing Issue: Assuring Secure Collaboration

Simple View of Protection: Prohibit access .

Collaboration Needs:

The Gap: Assumption that Acess right = Retrievable data

False Assumption

Acess Patterns versus Data:

Access Rights/Needs Overlap

Expected Problems

Expected Problems

Filling the Gap

Model: Interoperating Domains

Overall Schematic

Security Mediator

Agents and Privacy

Security Officer

Security officer screen

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Patient Screen

part of Patient result

Software Components


Primitives for Content Check

Creating Wordlists


Rule system

Primitives get data for Rules

Participants in Setting Rules

Security Officer Functions

Disallowed result

Security officer reaction

Rules implement policy

Coverage of Access Paths

A mediator is not just static software

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Security Mediator Benefits

TIHI Summary

Backup slides

Application of Rules

General mediation approach: isolate value-added processing

Rules for Security Mediators

Rule Processing

The Rule Language

The Rule Language - Features...

Rule Type Examples

Rules... (continued)

Security Table Definition

Security Table Definition... (continued)

Rule application - Overview


Implementation... (continued)

System Operations

Author: Gio Wiederhold


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