Papers and books for CS 446 and beyond

Fall Quarter 1995-1996 Gio Wiederhold. Working copy only. Master is on HP300. Total about 540 entries. Entries relevant to CS446 are marked =SW=; total about 220 entries. Still, this list is far from complete, but should give some initial handles for research in SW topics.

[Ackerman:94] M.J.~Ackerman: "The Visible Human Project"; Proc. Medicine Meets Virtual Reality Conf., SPIE, San Diego CA, 1994. !there should be a better reference soon
[Abiteboul:86] S. Abiteboul and Bidoit. Non First Normal Form Relations: Algebra Allowing Data Restructuring. \{\\em Journal of Computer and System Sciences\}, December 1986.
[ACM:95] Interim Copyright Policies; {\sl Comm.~of the ACM}, April 1995.
[Adam:94] Nabil Adam (editor): Proceedings of the Third Int'l Conf on Information and Knowledge Management, Gaithersburg MD, Novenber 1994, published by the !ACM?|. Mediator papers.
[Adiba:81] Michel E.~Adiba: ``Derived Relations: A Unified Mechanism for Views, Snapshots and Distributed Data"; {\sl VLDB }7, Zaniolo and Delobel(eds), Sep.1981, pp.293--305. =SW=
[Adler:92] P.S.Adler and Terry Winograd: Usabililty; Turning Technology into Tools; Oxford Un. Press, 1992. =SW=
[AgarwalKSW:95] Shailesh Agarwal, A.M.\ Keller, K.\ Saraswat, and G.\ Wiederhold: ``Flexible Relation: An Approach for Integrating Data from Multiple, Possibly Inconsistent Databases" ; Proc.\ IEEE Data Engineering Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, March 1995. =SW=
[AndrewsA:87] T. Andrews and C. Andrews: "Combining Language and Database Advances in an Object-Oriented Development Environment";{\em Proceedings of OOPSLA}, Orlando, Florida, 1987. =SW=
[Andrews:93] Tim Andrews: "Designing Linguistic Interfaces to an Object Database or What do C++, SQL, and Hell have in Common?"; in Database Programming (DBPL-4)_, edited by C. Beeri, A. Ohori, and D. E. Shasha, Springer-Verlag, 1993, pp. 3-8. =SW=
[AnnasGR:95] Georg J. Annas, Leonard H. Glantz, and Patricia A. Roche: The Genetic Privacy Act and Commentary; Health Law Department, Boston University School of Public Health, February 1995.
[ArensCHK:93] Y.\ Arens, C.Y.\ Chee, C.N.\ Hsu, and C.A.\ Knoblock: ``Retrieving and Integrating Data from Multiple Information Sources''; {\sl Int.Journal of Intelligent and Cooperative Information Systems}, Vol.2 no.2, 1993, pages 127-158. =SW=
[ArensSK:95] Ygal Arens, Michael Siegel, and Larry Kerschberg (eds.): I3 Architecture Reference; http://isse.gmu. edu/I3\_Arch/index.html. =SW=
[Arnold:93] Robert S. Arnold: Software Reengineering; IEEE Press, 1993. =case tools to transform old software. =SW=
[Artur:92] Lowell Jay Artur: Rapid Evolutionary Development, Requirements, Prototyping. and Software Creation; Wiley, 1992. =SW=
[AtkinsonC:94] Colin Atkinson: Object-oriented Reuse, Concurrency, and Distribution; ACM Press. 1994?.
[AtkinsonBM:95] M.P. Atkinson, V. Benzaken, and D. Maier (eds.) Persistent Object Systems; Springer-Verlag and British Computer Society, 1995, Workshops in Computing Series, ISBN 3-540-19912-8= The proceedings of the sixth international workshop on Persistent Object Systems held in Tarascon, France 1994. 29 papers with summaries of sessions and keynote discussions (object store engineering, object caching, concurrency, applications, system evolution, optimization, reflection). =SW= %BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB
[Bach:94] James Bach: Process Evolution in a Mad World; Borland Int, Scotts Valley CA. = Dealing with Chaos, and its opportunities. Antithesis to CMM. Do Risk management. =SW=
[Baker:94] Nicholson Baker: ``DisCards"; The New Yorker Magazine, 4 April 1994, pp.\ 64--86.
[Barnhart:94] Andy Barnhart: "Component-based solutions with OLE 2.0"; Software Development v2, n9 (Sept, 1994):47 (5 pages). = provided by Avery Kadison. =SW=
[BarrT:94] Avron Barr and Shirley Tessler: Software Industry Study; Stanford 1994. =SW=
[Barsalou:90] Thierry Barsalou, et al.: The Penguin Project; Stanford CSD report 1990. = An object algebra to unify views in genetic research. =SW=
[BarkerO:89] V.E.~Barker and D.E.~OConnor: ``Expert Systems for Configuration at Digital: {\csc xcon} and Beyond''; {\sl Comm.ACM}, Vol.32 No.3, Mar.1989, pp.298--318.
[BarrT:94] Avron Barr and Shirley Tessler: Software Industry Study; Stanford 1994. =SW=
[Barsalou:90] T. Barsalou: View Objects for Relational Databases; Ph.D. dissertation, Stanford University, March 1990, Technical Report STAN-CS-90-1310.
[Barsalou:88] Thierry Barsalou: ``An Object-based Architecture for Biomedical Expert Database Systems"; {\sl SCAMC }12, IEEE CS Press, Washington DC, November 1988.
[BarsalouW:90] T. Barsalou and G. Wiederhold. Complex Objects For Relational Databases. \{\\em Computer Aided Design\}, Vol. 22 No. 8, Buttersworth, Great Britain, October 1990.
[BarsalouSKW:91]{T.~Barsalou, N.~Siambela, A.~Keller, and G.~Wiederhold}: ``Updating Relational Databases through Object-Based Views''; {\sl ACM SIGMOD Conf. on the Management of Data 91}, Boulder CO, May 1991.
[Basili:90] Victor Basili: "Viewing Maintenance as Reuse-Oriented Software Development"; IEEE Software, Vol.7 No.1, Jan. 1990, pp.19-25.. =SW=
[Basili:80] Victor Basili: Tutorial on Models and Metrics for Software Management and Engineering; IEEE Soc. Press, 1980. =SW=
[Basili:88] V.R. Basili and H.D. Rombach: "The Tame Project: Towards Improvement-Oriented Software Environments; IEEE Trans SE, vol.SE14, 1988, pages 758-773. =SW=
[BBN:81] BBN: A History of the ARPANet, The First Decade report 4799, Bolt Beranek and Newman, Cambridge MA, 1981.
[Beck:94] J. Robert Beck et al: Policy Forum; JAMIA. Vol.1 No.4, July/August 1994, pp. 313-324. =Special issue on Privacy and Security in Healthcare.
[BeckCT:93] Howard Beck, Ken Currie and Austin Tate: A Domain Description Language for Job-Shop Scheduling; Un. of Edinburgh AIAI-TR-137 October 1993; URL =SW=
[Beeri:87] C.~Beeri and R.~Ramakishnan: ``On the Power of Magic"; {\sl ACM-PODS}, San Diego, Mar.1987.
[Beizer:90] B. Beizer!sp?|: Software Testing Techniques; Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1990. =SW=
[BernersCGP:92] T.\ Berners-Lee, R.\ Cailliau, J.\ Groff, and B.\ Pollermann: ``WorldWideWeb: The Information Universe"; {\sl Electronic Networking: Research, Applications and Policy}; Vol.1 No.2, 1992, pages 52--58.
[BerleantB:94] Dan Berleant and Hal Berghel: ``Customizing Information''; {\sl IEEE Computer}; Vol.27 Nos.9,10, Sep., Oct.\ 1994, pages 96--98, 76--78.
[Binder:94] Robert Binder: Object-Oriented Software Testing; special topic issue, CACM, Vol.37 No.9, Sept. 1994. =SW=
[Binstock:94] Andrew Binstock: "Objectively Speaking"; Unix Review, June 1994, page 7. =editorial on limited success of OO SW paradigm. =SW=
[BjornerL:94] Dines Bjorner and Dong Yu Lin: Domain Analysis: Informal and Formal Descriptions of Applications; Technical Rep. UNI/IIST, P.O. Box 3058, Macau, July 1994, !|. = carefully worked-out description, enabling formal derivation of train scheduling programs for PRC railroads. =SW=
[BlakelyLT86] J. Blakely, P. A. Larson, and F. W. Tompa: "Updating Materialized Views"; ACM SIGMOD, Int. Conf. on Management of Data, Washington, D.C., May 1986, 61-67.
[Blakeley:94] J. Blakeley, "OQL
[C++]: Extending C++ with an Object Query Capability," In: Won Kim (Ed.) Modern Database Systems: The Object Model, Interoperability, and Beyond, Addison Wesley/ACM Press, 1994. =SW=
[BlakeleyMG:93] J. Blakeley, W. McKenna, G. Graefe. "Experiences Building the Open OODB Query Optimizer," ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data," Washington, D.C. May 1993. =SW=
[Blum:82] Robert L.~Blum: {\sl Discovery and Representation of Causal Relationships from a Large Time-Oriented Clinical Database: The {\csc rx} Project}; Springer Verlag, Lecture Notes in Medical Informatics, no.19, 1982.
[Blum:94] Bruce Blum (ed): Proc. 4th Systems Reengineering Technology WS; Feb. 8-10, APL Research Center report RMI-94-003, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab., Laurel MD.= icludes article by Markosian, Brand, and Kotik of Reasoning Systems. =SW=
[Blum:92] Bruce Blum: Software Engineering: A Holistic View; Oxford Un. Press, 1992. = Overview textbook, much personal philosophy, good insights. =SW=
[Blum:95] Bruce Blum: Beyond Programming; draft 1994. = in Gio's office =SW=
[Boehm:81] Barry Boehm: Software Engineering Economics; Prentice-Hall, 1981. = the standard reference. =SW=
[Boehm:84] Barry W.~Boehm: ``Software Engineering Economics"; {\sl IEEE Trans.\ Software Eng.}, Vol.10 No.1, Jan.1984, pp.4--21. =SW=
[BoehmA:91] Barry Boehm et al: Department of Defense, Software Strategy (draft); prepared for the Director of Defense Research and Engineering, Dec 1991. = Reuse oriented, includes economic models.. In Gio's office =SW=
[Booch:91] Grady Booch: Object-Oriented Design with Applications; Benjamin-Cummins, 1991. =SW=
[Boose:86] J.H. Boose: "Rapid acquisition and combination of knowledge from multiple experts in the same domain"; Future Computing Systems Journal, 1, 191-216. = on consensus knowledge acquisition:
[BorensteinF:93] Nathaniel Borenstein and Ned Freed: MIME (Multipupose Internet Mail Extension; TR Sep. 1993.
[BowmanDMS:94] C. Mic Bowman, Peter B. Danzig, Udi Manber, and Michael F Schwartz, 1994. "Scalable Internet Resource Discovery: Research Problems and Approaches"; Communications of the ACM, Vol.37 No.8, pp.98-107, August 1994. =Harvest predecessor: Essence.
[BowmanDHMS:94] C.\ Mic Bowman, Peter B.\ Danzig, Darren R.\ Hardy, Udi Manber and Michael F.\ Schwartz: ``The {\csc harvest} Information Discovery and Access System''; {\sl Proceedings of the Second International World Wide Web Conference}, Chicago, Illinois, October 1994, pages 763--771. Available from
[Branscomb:91] Lewis Branscomb (chair): Intellectual Property Issues in Software; CSTB, National Research Council, National Academy Press, 1991. = thoughtfull overview, no strong conclusions. =SW=
[Brockschmidt:93] Kraig Brockschmidt: "Introducing OLE 2.0"; Microsoft Systems Journal v8, n8 (August, 1993):15.= an excellent article on OLE. Explains its features and uses. Provided by Avery Kadison. =SW=
[Brockschmidt:94] Kraig Brockschmidt: Inside OLE 2; Microsoft Press, 1994, $49.95, 977pp. = the book on OLE; provided by Avery Kadison. =SW=
[BrodieMS:86] M.~Brodie, J.~Mylopoulos, and J.~Schmidt (eds.): ``On Knowledge Base Management Systems: Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Database Technologies''; Springer Verlag, June 1986.
[BrodieS:95] Michael Brodie and Michael Stonebraker (eds): Migrating Legacy Sysems} Morgan Kaufman, 1995.
[Brown:95] D.Brown: "Design of a Highly Available Switching Platform Employing Commercial Components"; Proc. ICC 95 -- International Communication Conference. Hamburg Germany 1995. = HRP, an AT&T CLOS-written system for high-reliability multi-processing. =SW=
[BukhresE:95] O. Bukhres and A. Elmagarmid: Objct-oriented Multidatabase Systms; Prentice Hall 1995 =SW=
[BullDPR:87] M.~Bull, R.~Duda, D.~Port, and J.~Reiter: ``Applying Software Engineering Principles to Knowledge-Base Development"; {\sl Proc. Expert Systems and Business} 87, NY, Learned Information, Meadford NJ, Nov.1987, pp.~27--37. =SW=
[BuchananBDMS:90] B.G.~Buchanan, D.~Bobrow, R.~Davis, J.~McDermott, and E.H.~Shortliffe: ``Knowledge-Based Systems''; in J.~Traub (ed.): {\sl Annual Review of Computer Science}; 1990, Vol.4, pp.~ 395--416.
[Brown:93] George Brown: "Can Scientists Make Change Their Friend'; Scientific American, june 1993, page 151. = warning on being relevant, by the chair of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology
[Burgess:94] Lisa Burgess: "New Software Gives Commander Control of Radio Codes"; Defense News, 21Feb1994. =SW=
[Bush;93] Randy Bush: "FIDONet: Technology, Tools, and History"; CACM Vol.36 No.8, August 1993, pp.31:35. history, politics, and use of a user initiated-network
[Bush:45] Vannevar Bush: ``As We May Think''; {\sl Atlantic Monthly}, Vol.176 No.1, 1945, pp.101--108. Reprinted many times. Pictures in Life magazine.
[ButterworthOS:91] Paul Butterworth, Allen Otis, and Jacob Stein: "The Gemstoen Object DBMS"; pp.50-63 %CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCOCC
[CallahanR:81] M.V.~Callahan and P.F.~Rusch: ``Online implementation of the Chemical Abstracts SEARCH file and the CAS Registry Nomenclature File"; \sl Online Rev.}, Vol.5 No.5, Oct.1981, pp.377-393.
[CaludeMS:94] C.\ Calude, H.\ Maurer, A.\ Salomaa: ``J.UCS: The Journal for Universal Computer Science and its Applications to Teaching"; {\sl Symposium Didaktik der Mathematik}, Klagenfurt, Schriftenreihe {\sl Didaktik der Mathematik}, 1994.
[CareyFLS91] M. Carey, M. Franklin, M. Livny, and E. Shekita: "Data Caching Tradeoffs in Client-Server DBMS Architecture"; ACM SIGMOD Int. Conf. on Management of Data, Denver, CO, May 1991, 357-366.
[Carlson:92] A. Carlson. \{\\em Penguin System Internal Maintenance Specifications.\} Unpublished document, October 1992. !!put it on a web page, so people can get to it||
[Carnegie:94] Carnegie: Science, Technology, and Government for a Changing World; report of the carnegie Commission, 1994. = 5 year study final repor.
[Carr:92] T. Carr: "Predicting Software Defects Over Time"; 9th Int. onf. on Software Testing, Washington DC, June1992 = SW testing asymptote =SW=
[Carrol:95] John M. Carroll: "Scenario-Based Design; Envsioning Work and Technology in System Development"; Wiley, 1995 = papers from Jun 1993 workshop. Workflow, representation, OO,User-interfaces. =SW=
[Cattell:91] R. Cattell: Object Data Management: Object Oriented and Extended Relational Systems; Addison-Wesley, 1991. =SW=
[Catell:94] R.Cattell (ed): The Object Database Standard: ODMG (3 9version 1.1); Morgan Kaufman, May 1994. Proposed standard for object access, replaces 1993 version.
[1 800 745-7323] =SW=
[CeriW:91] Stefano Ceri and Jenifer Widom: ``Deriving Production Rules for Incremental View Maintenance''; {\em 17th Int. Conf. on Very Large Data Bases}, Barcelona, Spain, September 1991, pages 577-589.
[ChakravarthyFM:85] U.S.~Chakravarthy, D.~Fishmann and J.~Minker; ``Semantic Query Optimization in Expert Systems and Database Systems''; in Expert Databases, Kersch\-berg(ed), Benjamin Cummins, 1985.
[ChamberlinGT:75] D.D.~Chamberlin, J.N.~Gray, and I.L.~Traiger: ``Views, Authorization, and Locking in a Relational Data Base System"; Proc.1975 NCC, AFIPS Vol.44, AFIPS Press, pp.425--430.
[ChaoFK:94] Chin-Wang Chao, Gene Fuoco, and Diane Krpfl: "FASTAR Platform Gives tbe Network a Competetive Edge"; AT&T Technical Journal, Vol.73 No. 4, Jul-Aug.1994, pp.69--181 = introduction of software subsystem for backup link into the AT&T network. Traditional, but careful SW practice. =SW=
[Charette:79] R.H. Charette: Software Engineering and Risk Analysis Managemnt; McGraw-Hill 1979. =describes DoD software project failures. =SW=
[Chaudhuri:90] Surajit Chaudhuri; ``Generalization and a Framework for Query Modification''; {\sl Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Data Engineering\/}, Los Angeles, Feb 1990, pp.138-145.
[Cheeseman:85] Peter Cheeseman: ``In Defense of Probability''; {\sl Proc.\ IJCAI}, Los Angeles, 1985, pp.1002--1009.
[ChenM:89] M.C.~Chen and L.~McNamee: ``A Data Model and Access Method for Summary Data Management''; {\sl IEEE Data Engineering Conf.~}5, Los Angeles, Feb.1989.
[ChiangR:82] T.C.~Chiang and G.R.~Rose: ``Design and Implementation of a Production Database Management System (DBM-2)''; {\sl Bell System Technical Journal}, Vol.61 No.9, Nov.1982, pp.2511--2528.
[ChillaregeA:91] Chillarege et al.: "Orthogonal Defect Classification for Defect Control"; IBM TJ Watson Res. TR RC17320, 2Nov1991.= clasify defects, analyze pattern, find cause, and try to reduce that class of errors in the future. =SW=
[ChuQ:92] W.W. Chu and Q. Chen: ``Neighborhood and Associative Query Answering"; {\sl Journal of Intelligent Information System}, Vol.1 No.3/4, 1992, pp.355-382.
[ChuQ:94] W.W. Chu and Q. Chen: ``A Structured Approach for Cooperative Query Answering"; {\sl IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering}, Vol.6 No.5, October 1994.
[ChuMB:93] W. W. Chu, M. Merzbacher, and L. Berkovich: ``The Design and Implementation of CoBase"; {\sl ACM SIGMOD '93}, May 1993, pp.517-522.
[CicchettiLLM:89] R.~Cicchetti, L.D.~Lakhal, N.~LeThanh, and S.~Miranda ``A Logical Summary-data Model for Macro Statistical Databases''; {\sl DASFAA }1, Seoul Korea, KISS and IPSJ, Apr.1989, pp.43--51.= Distinguishes micro, source databases, and macro, derived summary databases. Compared with Ghosh's SRT, Ozsoyoglu's SMT. Composability of primitive tables. ORACLE implementation.
[ColemanALO:94] Don Coleman, Dan Ash, Bruce Lowther, and Paul Oman: "Using Metrics to Evaluate Software Systems Maintainability"; {\sl IEEE Computer}, Vol.27 No.8, Aug.1994, pp.44-49. = Importance for Hewlett-Packard. Categorization of tasks: Corrective, Adaptive, and Perfective. References to 5 models, but only an HP 3-dimensional (control structure, info. structure, typography) one is evaluated, module by module, versus the assessments of SW engineers. =SW=
[Conner:94] Dominic Conner: "Microsoft Visual C++'; EXE v8, n8 (Feb, 1994):58 (4 pages). = Reference for visual programming and OLE, provided by Avery Kadison. =SW=
[CookeG:91] D.E.~Cooke and A.~Gates: ``On the Developmemnt of a method to Synthesize Programs from Requirements Specifications''; Int.\ J.on Software Eng. and Knowledge Eng., Vol.1 No.1, March 1991, pp.21--38.
[CourtneyJB:93] A. Courtney, W. Janssen, D. Severson, M. Spreitzer, and F. Wymore: Inter-Language Unification, rel.1.5; Xerox PARC, ISTL-CSA-94-01-01, No.P94-58, May 1994, = Specification of ILU, a generalization of OMG CORBA IDL.. =SW=
[CreecyMS:92] Robert H. Creecy, Brij M. Masand, Stephen J. Smith: "Knowledge Engineering"; Com.ACM, Vol.35 No. 8, August 1992, pages 48-64. = Thinking machine classification of census industry and occupational data in natural language.
[Cohen:82] P.R.~Cohen ], E.~Feigenbaum, and A. Barr (eds.): The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence}; Morgan Kaufman, 1982.
[Cohen:89] Danny Cohen: ``Computerized Commerce'';{\sl Information Processing} 89, Ritter (ed), IFIP North-Holland 1989, pp.1095--1100.
[CohenL:88] H.~Cohen and S.~Layne (editors) {\sl Future Data Management and Access, Workshop to Develop Recommendations for the National Scientific Effort on AIDS Modeling and Epidemiology}; sponsored by the White House Domestic Policy Council, 1988.
[Codd:70] E.F. Codd: "A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks'; CACM\}, 13(6), June 1970.
[ColemanALO:94] Don Coleman, Dan Ash, Bruce Lowther, and Paul Oman: "Using Metrics to Evaluate Software Systems Maintainability"; IEEE Computer, Vol.27 No.8, Aug.1994, pp.44-49. = Importance for Hewlett-Packard Categorization of tasks: Corrective, Adaptive, and Perfective.References to 5 models, but only an HP 3-dimensional (control structure, info. structure, typography) one is evaluated, module by module, versus the assessments of SW engineers.
[ColletHS:91]{C.~Collet, M.~Huhns, and W-M.~Shen}: ``Resource Integration Using a Large Knowledge Base in {\csc carnot}''; {\sl IEEE Computer}, Vol.24 No.12, Dec.1991.
[Corbato:92] Fernado Corbato: " ", 1992 Turing lectures. = we must eecgnize that we will always build systems that fail.
[CouncilC:90] Council on Competetiveness: Gaining New Ground: Technology Priorities for America's Future; 1990
[Cox:94a] Brad Cox: ``Superdistribution''; {\sl Wired}, Idea Fortes section, Sep.\ 1994, {\sl The Coalition On Electronic Markets''}; George Mason Un., Fairfax VA, 1994
[Cox:94b] Brad Cox: The Coalition On Electronic Markets;, George Mason Un., Fairfax VA, 1994
[Cox:90] Brad Cox "Planning the Software Industrial Revolution"; IEEE Software, Nov.1990, pp 25-33= Brad is now into revenue on-line collection for SW Use, recent work on 1993 ACM SIGSOFT Symposium, (chaired by Barry Boehm) !get|
[Craig:89] Iain Craig: The CASSANDRA Architecture, Ellis Horwood, Chichester, UK, 1989. = Describes and motivates an architecture for Distributed AI and Multi-Agent systems; the architecture is loosely based on the blackboard architecture. Various proposals are made as far as extensions are concerned: in particular, it is proposed that speech acts be employed as an inter-agent protocol. Two example distributed systems are described.
[Craig:91] Iain Craig: The Formal Specification of Advanced Problem-solving Architectures, Ellis Horwood, Chichester, UK, 1991. = Contains Z specifications of a blackboard system and the sequential see /pub/reports/rr and they look as if they're in both dvi and postscript.
[Cronin:94] May J. Cronin: Doing Business on the Internet; VanNostrand Reinhold (800 842-3636) = for business users.
[Curtis:80] B. Curtis: "Measurement and Experimentation in Software Engineering"; Proc. IEEE, Vol.68, pp.1144-1157 , 1980. =SW=
[Curtis:85] B. Curtis: Human Factors in Software Development; IEEE CS Press, 1985. =SW=
[CutkovskyEFGGMTW:93] M.\ Cutkosky, R.S.\ Engelmore, R.\ Fikes, M.R.\ Genesereth, T.R.\ Gruber, W.S.\ Mark, J.M.\ Tenenbaum, and J.C.\ Weber: ``PACT: An Experiment in Integrating Concurrent Information Systems''; {\sl IEEE Computer}, Vol.26 No.1, Jan.1993, pages 29-37. %DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[DampierB:94] Dave Dampier and Valdis Berzins: "Software Change-Merging in Dynamic Evolution"; NPGS workshop Proceedings 1994.= also see WS 1993 proceedings, slicing of a piece of a program, modifying it, and then prove that 'affected' behavior of the slice is invariant when re-merging. Permits merging of versions. =SW=
[DateD:93] C.J.\ Date and Hugh Darwen: {\i A Guide to the SQL Standard, 3rd ed}; Addison Wesley, June 1993.
[Davenport:94] Tom Davenport @Ernst\&Young "Reinventing Industry through Information Technology" !!via Cross?||
[DayalH:83] U.~Dayal and H.Y.~Hwang: ``View Definition and Generalization for Database Integration in Multibase: A System for Heterogeneous Databases"; {\sl IEEE Trans.\ Software Eng.}, Vol.SE-10 No.6, Nov.1983, pp.628--645.
[DeBellisH:95] Michael DeBellis and Christine Haapala: "User-centric Software Engineering (USE)"; IEEE Expert, February, 1995, Vol.10 No.1. =SW=
[Degoulet:94] Patrice Degoulet et al. @ Broussais Un.Hospital Paris,Med.Inf.Dept, Paris 75014, France: The HELIOS Europoean Project on Software Engineering; = collection of papers about a Software Engineering Environment for Medical applications. Copy in Gio's office. =SW=
[DeMichiel:89] Linda DeMichiel: ``Performing Operations over Mismatched Domains"; {\sl IEEE Data Engineering Conference }5, Feb.1989; {\sl IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering}, Vol.1 No.4, Dec.~1989.
[DelisR92] A. Delis and N. Roussopoulos. Performance and Scalability of Client-Server Database Architectures. \{\\em 18th Int. Conf. on Very Large Data Bases\}, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 1992, 610-623. =SW=
[Denning:82] Dorothy Dennningg: Cryptography and data Security; Addison-Wesly 19982.
[DenningM:95] Peter Denning and Mark Mendelbaum: ``The ACM Copyright Policy''; Comm.\ of the ACM; April 1995.
[DenningR:95] Peter Denning and Bernard Rous: ``The {\csc acm} Electronic Publishing Plan; Comm. ACM, April 1995.
[DeRoseD:94] De Rose and Durand: Making Hypertext Work; Kluwer 1994 = description of HMTL and HyTime.
[Derr:92] M.A. Derr. \{\\em Adaptive Optimization in a Database Programming Language\}. Ph.D. dissertation, Stanford University, December 1992, Technical Report STAN-CS-92-1460.
[Dertouzos:86] Michael L. Dertouzos: "The Multiprocessor Revolution: Harnessing Computer Together"; Technology Review, Vol.89 No.2, March 1986, MIT, pages 44-57. Early review of supercomputer development. =SW=
[Deux:90] O. Deux: "The Story of O2"; IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2(1), March 1990. =SW=
[DevanhuBSB:91] Premkumar Devanbu, Ronald Brachman, Peter J. Selfridge, and Bruce W. Ballard "LaSSIE: A Knowledge-based Software Information System"; Comm.ACM, Vol.34 No.5, May 1991, pp.35-49. = A Class-based CASE tool for reuse in telephone. In special issue on Software Engineering. =SW=
[DeWiiMFV 90] D. J. DeWitt, D. Maier, P. Futtersack, and F. Velez: "A Study of Three Alternative Workstation-Server Architectures for Object-Oriented Database Systems";{\em 16th Int. Conf. on Very Large Data Bases}, Brisbane, Australia, 1990.
[DeZegherFWBW:88] I.~DeZegher-Geets., A.G.~Freeman, M.G.~Walker, R.L.~Blum and G.~Wie\-der\-hold: ``Summarization and Display of On-line Medical Records"; {\sl M.D.\ Computing}, Vol.5 no.3, March 1988, pp.38-46.
[DiffieH:76] Whitfield Diffie and Martin E. Hellman: "New Directions in Cryptography"; IEEE Trans.Inf.Theory, vol IT-22, 1976, pp.644-654= public key encryption.
[Dykstra:79] Edsger W. Dijkstra. A Discipline of Programming, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N. J, 1979. ISBN 0-13-215871-X =Zaki hasan: This is one of the classics of computer programming Dijkstra's theme is a rigorous and methodical way of developing (small) programs. One of his ideas is that it pays to view a program text as a mathematical object rather than as a sort of machine. Some people dislike his approach because it is so "mathematical", but if you have trouble handling formulaa you are in the wrong business and if you don't like a logical view of programs Prolog is not for you. Dijkstra's methods are developed for an imperative language with "dont' -case nondterminisam". The approach carries over very will indeed to Prolog. =SW=
[DISA:94] DISA TRIK? "Technical Reference for Evaluation of Standards" =SW=
[DoE:93] Dep.of Energy: DoE White Paper on Bio-Informatics; URL,1993. = ignores heterogeneity.
[DownsWB:86] S.M.~Downs, M.G.~Walker, and R.L.~Blum: ``Automated summarization of on-line medical records"; IFIP {\sl Medinfo'86}, North-Holland 1986, pp.800-804.
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[have original text]
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