CS 446 Fall Quarter 1995-1996 Notes 12

Taken by Gio Wiederhold
Experimental Seminar on Large Scale Software Construction.
Monday, 6 Nov
Berzins:, Naval Postgraduate School.
Project on Prototyping since 1983.
After time, more focus on evolution. Specifically in real-time systems. Additional coupling due to resource constraints.
5 handouts:
Luqi and Mohammed Ketabchi: A computer-Aided Prototyping System; IEEE Software; March 1988, pp.66-72.
Luqi: Software Evolution Trough Rapid Prototyping"; IEEE, May 1989.pp.13-25.
David Dampier, Luqi, Valdis Berzins: "Automated Merging of Software Prototypes"; Journal of Systems Integration; Vol.4, 1994, pp.33-49.
Bernd Kraemer, Luqi, and Valdis Berzins: "Compositional Semantics of a Real-Time Prototyping Language"; IEEE Trans..SE, vol.19 No.5, Uses PSDL as an ADL.
Proceedings of 1993 Monterey Workshop on Formal Methods, Sep. 1993, U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA. = contains papers on software reuse understanding: slicing, dicing and merging of program sections.
Proceedings of 1994 Monterey Workshop on Formal Methods for Computer-Aided Software Development, Sep. 1994, U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA
more to come, in folder in office