Tools and Processes for Software.
An Experimental Seminar on Large Scale Software Construction.

Carl Cargill (sunsoft) on Standards

A wide ranging discussion, introduced many terms.
Material handed out from recent, recommended book: Martin Libicki: Information Technology Standards; Digital Press, 1995. See also review by Gio.


Anticipatory standards.
Untary Standards: typically physical.
Optional standards

Complecity of U.S. standards setting process, ANSI on top. U.S Dep. of State as official represenative to International groups. Many Standards setting efforts below.

Software quality process standard, ISO9000, started in Great Britain. Lack of trust put an inspection program in place. Replaced for Motorola the high quality 6Sigma program, dropped quality. Being replaced by ISO 14000
Costly to devolop:
Microsoft depends on floppy, CDROM, Intel processor, source code management. Soon 27000 APIs for windows being raleased by a bunch of competitors as {Sun, ...}

Table of Standards -- very incomplete

List of Data System Standards format: code/sponsor = Explain ->alt{members}#AIA [people] see ref(explain) See

ACE = Genomic data in hierarchical form, accessible from C language

ACR = American College of Radiology


ACS = American Chemical Society, coding for chemicals

Ada/APJO = procedural Progr.Lang

Ada9X/AJPO = Ada + objects,ADTs?

ANSI see X3H2, X3H4,X3H6,X3H7,X3H8, X3J4,X3J13, X3J16,X3J21 X3T3, X3T5

ANSI 138 = repository, -> FIPS 156

Arden Syntax/ASTM = knowledge rules, derived from HELP, data slots, triggers [Pryor, used by Clayton]

ARTIC/IBM CIM = interface for devices on RS6000 and PC OS/2 32 bit

ASC X12 = X12 DISA, 1800 Diagonal Road, Suite355, Alexandria VA

ASN-1/ISO IEC 8824&8825 = Abstract Syntax Notation BNF-like for bibliographic , genomic objects stored in flat files/streams, @genetics[Jax review material] Ex. Pub = {title: string, authors: {|| name: ... Notation {set}; {|| list ||}; [label1: field1, ... ] sequence; |label1: field1, ... choice [Nat'l Center for Bioinformatics:, NLM: NCBI ASN.1 Specification, rev. 2.0] Used by Entrez for GenBank retrieval.

ASQC/ANSI A3-1978 = Quality Assurance Terminology Standards

ASTM = American Society for Testing of Materials (oldest US standards org) 1916 Race street, Philadelphia PA

ATA = Aircraft Transportation Association {boeing,ge,aerospatiale,..}

ATA-100 = SGML DTD for maintenance manuals.

ATC/WHO = Drug code (Manufact,drug-> ACS chemical code)

ATPG/ IEEE SCC20 = Automatic Test Program Generation [Al Lowenstein] sponsored in part VHDL

BIDM [RIG] RPS001 = Basic Software Interchange Model Interoperability of SW libraries standards -> UDM

Cairo NT/microsoft = runtime ClientServer integration framework

CALS/DoD = Comp.aided Acq.&Log.Sup. #19 incorporates: {IGES, EDIF, VHDL, EDI, SGML, not? ODA} represents: {IRDS, SQL, SQL RDA, GOSIP, RPC, POSIX, X} as API standards. (to support PDES) [plotnick, gaffney@CSC --> JCALS Larry Johnson,@AF Mqntech] (derived from Army CALS)]

Canon/{7 universities} = robust ontology ->medical concepts, init.Radiology [Greenes, Betsy Humphries@NLM, Pail Mongerson(sp) funder] uses concptual graphs [Sowa]

canonical formats: Dendral[Lederberg], [McCarthy]

Case Communique = HP-based organization to establish a suite of Softbench compatible standards&products

CDIF/EIA,ANSI accred = CASE Data #8 Exchange format->tool interfaces {Boeing, CADRE, ...} [Mike Imber London ...] |InterSolv, Software AG, Oracle|

CEN = Comite Europeen de Normalisation, rue de Stassart 36, B-1050, Brussels Belgium

Cerberus = security

CFI = CAD Framework initiatives, computer industry organiz. US version of PCTE

CGM = Technical Illustrations

CNIDR = Clearing House for Information .. Retrieval. Funded by NSF

CORBA/OMG = Common Obj.Request Broker message passing in distr. OODB, uses OMG IDL as its Interface Description Language (may be used by Unix International "a RISC object model"

CPT4/AMA = Medical procedures codes, similar to SNOMED, independent

CPT-4?/NEMA&ACR = medical imaging, PACS

DAE/IBM = API communication interface Dist.Appl.Env. (message paradigm)

DASS / IEEE SCC20 = Design Automation Standards Subcommittee [Al Loenstein]

DDSE/SC7 interim WG11 #8 = Data used by SW Engineering focus on coordination [Peter Eirich]

DCE (OSF) = manufacturing , uses IDL = Internal Description Language (not = OMG IDL) see

DECNET/DEC = de facto standard

DFX = CAD/CAM data exchange

DiaCOM? = Digital Interconnect for Communication

DIN = Deutsche Industrie Normen (German Standards Org., Munich?)

DIS 10728/ISO = repository model

DIS 2.0.3 /IEEE = Distributive Interactive Simulation, information packets for real and simulated (SATF) force units. Replacement for SIMNET

DoD 8020.1-M = DoD Ehterprise Model Interim Management Guidance on Functional Process Improvement Data Dictionary

DQL = [japan] similar to ANSI Z29

DSSSL = pesentation language for SGML?, based on schemas.

E1467-92/ASTM = database standardsfor neuophisiological data..

ECRI = Emergency Care Research Insitute, 5200 Butler Pike, Plymouth meetimg PA.

EDGAR {SEC] = SGML DTD for K-10 submissions

EDI/ANSI ->X12 = Elect.Data Interchange to support commerce (ASC) EDI 811:billing, banking standards

EDIF = Electronic Data Interface Format 2 versions (Europe/US) derived from Caltech design syst.

EINET/MCC = distribution

EIS = WPAFB project with Nick Naclerio

Euclides TC251 = Euclides foundation International, Exelsiorlaan 4A, Zaventem, Belgium

EXPRESS:PDES part 11 = language to Express Step, use[...,Petrotechn. Open SW Corp, a consortium]

E3111/ASTM 1238? = Lab orders & values [Clem MacDonald]

E3112/ASTM = Medical coding, medical records [Gabrieli, Arden Forey]

E3114/ASTM 1381 = Labinstrument- computer interconnect (low-level)

E3115/ASTM 1384 = See Arden Syntax, <^ HELP system. Medical vocab?

E3116/ASTM = Electrophysiology {EEG,...}

FALCON/Mentor = proprietory elect.CAD framework (adopted by CARNOT?)

FIPS/GAO? = Federal Inf.Proc.Standards based on {ANSI,ISO,CBMA,EIA,..}

Express = language to describr STEP, others also Express-G (graphical). Includes contraints

Gopher [UnMinn] = browser server, can go to multiple sources, with Veronica the menus can be locally merged [Ankelesaria 93]

GOSIP/OSI = stack definition limited use, competes with de facto TCP/IP standard

GR4/CCITT = raster graphics MIL-D-28003

HIMA = Health Information Managmnt Ass. medical records (35 000 terms)

HIPDC? = code for Medical Institutions and sites of care

HISPP/ANSI = Healthcare Informatics Standards Planning Panel [Clem McDonald]

HL7/CPRI->ANSI = Health Level Seven, 900 Victors Way, Ann Arbor MI, Hospital Inf.Systems [Don Simborg, Quinn WhitingO'Keefe, Fischer] 800 members

HOST/VA = Hybrid Open Systems Technology standards for module insertion [Shannon]

HySeas = methods to be driven by SGML syntax [David Beech]

HyTime = a hypertext standard, interprets extended SGML syntax and semantics., has clinks for external document refernces and ilinks for externally kept references to internals of documents, inclusing by name, relative, tree = structure, and semantic: by computed query result.

ICD9 -CM = Commission on Professional and Hospital Activities, 1968 Green Road, Ann Arbor MI, medical diagnoses

ICEIMT = International Conf.on #1, Enterprise Integration Modeling Technology [Bruce Speyer]

IDEF-0 = process flow, adopted by DISA

IDL/ OMG CORBA = Object definition language

IDEF-1A = ER model, cardinality based

IEC = International Electrotechnical Commission (assists ISO)

IEC TC93 = Design Automation, also CASE

IEC 10165 /ISO OSI = Managed objects,, templates

IEC10744, HyTime = Hypertext.

IEC 7698-1&-4/ISO OSI = Management data

IEC 9595 & 9596/ISO OSI = CMIS/P

IEEE = IEEE standards department, 445 hoes Lane, Piscataway NJ


IEEE SCC20 = IEEE Standards Cooordinationg Commitee [Al Lowenstein]

IEEE 802.2, .3,.4,.5 = Ethernet

IEEE 983 = waterfall model

IETF = Internet Engineering Task Force, (Amsterdam) reports to Internet, Architecture Board

IGES = graphic product descr MIL-D-28000, vector-based?. STEP predecessor

ILU / xerox = Interoperation? Language Unification, a superset of CORBA IDL

InterSolv NT/-repository tool kit

ISIS/Cornell,DARPA = information interchange, boughtout by stratus

ISO see X3Tn

ISO 9000 = software process standards, related to SEI maturity model.

ISO 10946 = 4 byte chractercode, includes chinese, Japanse, ... as distinct symbols competes with UNICODE

ISO NMF = Network Management #5 creates Omnipoint [Bruce Merrill]

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 = Software Eng. (US TAG [MITRE])

ISO/IEC JTC1 AdHoc group on APIs [Jon Becker]

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC21/WG3 IEC 10032 -> #11 Ref.Model Data Management [David Jefferson, Liz Fong] {SQL, IRDS, RDA, need Ex-/import, ...} diagrammatic description

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC21 WG7 -> 10746/SC21 RM-ODP(WG7) = Ref.Model of Open Distributed Processing

ISO 10303 = STEP [ISO/TC184/SC4]; product descr.repr. [Mantech]

ISO conceptual schema WG, started 1992 in renesse

ITSEC (France,Germ.,Neth's, UK)/ [ &ind.,HMSO,London] = Inf.Techn. Security Eval Criteria. European TCSEC: E0 = D,E1...E6

Kerberos / XOPEN = security

KIF/stanford&darpa = Knowledge Interchange Format @knowledge [Genesereth]

KQML/isi,paramax = Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language: knowledge wrapper, @knowledge transactions [Bob Neches:report]

LSAR = logistics MIL-STD-1388

LU 6.2 = APPC PC OS/2 communication

Mach = Unix OS beyond Posix

MAP 3.0/GM = manufacturing API, limited acceptance of system, more of interface

Medix/IEEE = images, signals, medical logic

MIB/IEEE = Medical Information Bus [Gardner]

MIF/apple,NeXT = prop.Framemaker Interchange Format


MIL-STD-483A/DoD = SW{vers.ids}


MIL-STD-1803 = SW

MIL-STD-1840A/DoD = Compound Document, MIL-D-IETM DB

MIME = Multipupose Internet Mail Extension; 1993. recognition of datatype %PS, ...

MMS = API for floor devices, (application protocol interface) recent, incomplete, permits companion standards, as for bar-code readers

Motif = GUI X-windows toolkit

NAPI see PCTE = NorthAm.PCTE initiative

NCPDP = National Council for Prescription Drug Programs pharmacy billing messages, with{patient,payment,drugcode = NDC}

NDC/ = National Drug Code (11 digits) similar to ATC/WHO

NEMA = National Electrical Manufacturers Association, 2101 L Street, NW Washington DC supports CPT-4

NGCR/ Navy or National = POSIX standard

NIIIP (National Industrial Information Infrastructure Protocols) = IBM led consortium, addresses CORBA etc.

NITF10/DoD DDR&E = National Interchange Format Standard

NMF see ISO NMF, Omnipoint

NOSI = National Information Standards Organization {who, where}

NTSC = TV `never twice the same color'

ODA [ISO]/ODIF = Open Document Architecture. /Interch.Format)` competes with SGML, comm.derived, specifies a tree-structure, includes layout and imaging, Large & complex, subsetted.

ODA-ODIF = Open Document Interchange.Format, an ASN-1 encoding. ` ODL = an SGML encoding (DTD?) of ASN-1

ODMG = OODB vendors [Rick Cattell]

ODMG-32 = (OMG superset) includes object definition language object query language C++, Smalltalk bindings [see Doug Barry]

OLE (microsoft) = Object composition, without inheritance

OMG consortium{HP, SUN,DEC,TI,...,} #6 count 250/60} "the global object appliance" @products : Architecture guide, arch., obj.model, created, see CORBA [Richard Soley, Geoffrey R.Lewis, Craig Thompson] subareas: OO analyis [.@ICL] Smalltalk [.@ParcPlace] Parallel execution [.@NCR] Class Libraries [.@Borland]

Omnipoint/see ISO NMF = snapshot of 97 standards collection at 1992,1994, ..., for Management services users: NIST(GMY\, UK CCTA, ... Standards sources as X.700, CORBA consortia: OMG, ..., INTAP,

OpenDoc = by ISA? built on top of CORBA specified in IDL Accessible through APIs (Novell) To be made available by Iona, IBM, ExpertSoft in 1995.

Open Look / ATT&T, Sun = windows interface for UNIX.

ORB/OMG = Object request broker


PCIS/AJPO = Portable Comm.Interface Set [Solomon]

PCTE/ECMA TC33, ANSI X3H4 = Portable Common Tools Envoroment. Unix dev+ER model, file transfer [Christian Bremereau,William Wong] should use TCP-IP alternatives: HP Softbench, DEC Cohesion, SUN ToolTalk, Field, IBM AD/Cycle --> Data Processing

PCTE NAPI = NorthAmerican PCTE initiative [Hugh Davis,Ian Thomas,Alan Brown] "high = level OS ECMA" (implementation by Emeraude, MarkV STF, Eur., US{IBM,DEC}, 5 Jap,

PCTE+/ECMA = to use objects, include security for DoD

PDES/ISO TC184 SC4 #27 = Prod.Data Exchange Using STEP consortium with IBM, ... [Bradford Smith = chair, @SCRA, gadient@PDES Inc, PROSTEP Berlin, GOSET Paris, CADDETC Leeds UK, KC.Morris@PDES Testbed@NIST] level 1 file exchange level 2 databased exchange(schhema) not a super or subset of level 1 level 3 database content SDAI level 4 knowledge base, undefined, constrained, multiple WGs by area WG1 WG2 WG3 WG4 WG5 WG6 WG7

POSIX 1003.1/IEEE,Unix Intern. = OS UNIX

P1175/IEEE-CS = Professional Comp. Tools task group [Peter Eirich] Enumerated 200 standards using STL language

P1352?/IEEE = signals,type

RDA/SAG -> ISO IEC 9579 = SQL based Remote Data Access [Len Gallagher@NIST, Shirley Hurvitz]

RIG = Reuse Library Interoperability Gp [Payton, Moore]

RTF [microsoft] = Rich text format

sc/14 = standard datanames referent/attributes/representation

SDAI/PDES = Express to Step Data Access Interface to use C++

SEED - Standard for the Exchange of Earthquake Data

sensor@test/GMA = equipment[GMA]

SDTS /OGIS -> ANSI = Spatial Data Transfer Standard for geodata, uses data (and process?) transformation services.

SFQL/ATA = SQL-like language for text, to access manuals on CD-ROM competes with NISO, DIN projects

SGML 887-9/ISO = gen.markup language, MIL-M-28001 @documents actually a meta standard, requires a DTD for any instance, independent of layout. see ATA. EDGAR, HTML

SNIP = Network management, also CMIP for OSI

SNMP = Simple network management protocol

SNOMED/Am.Coll.of Path = topology, ..., soon: Medical procedures

Softbench NT = development environment

SQL/(ANSI,ISO) ->ISO IEC 9075->FIPS 127 = Structured Query Language SQL2 (appr.1992) = SQL + constraints SQL3 (1995) = SQL2 + objects, subset of C++ using ref [Jim Melton, David Beech@oracle, Jim Gallagher@nist]

SQL-Ada/SEI = [cmu:Marc Graham]

SSN/SSA = Social Security Number, used successfully by VA, in modified form by DoD

STL/IEEE = Semantic Transfer Language. tool-to-tool communication, non graphical

STEP = collection of standards [KC Morris] base for PDES see above contains layers: Application protocols Infrastructure as Grpahical representation STEP part 21 = clear text encoding Draft ISO standard STEP part 22 = step data access interface (SDAI) database interface, needs AP interoperability STEP Part 42 = Geometric and topological representation STEP Part 102 = 2D geometry STEP Part 108 = 3D solid modeling

TPIM:Step part1xx = Tech.Pub.

SUMM [PDES inc]: Semantic Unif.Meta Model Step AP203 = API standard

Taligent/Apple&IBM = runtime ClientServer, integration framework

(TCP/IP) = communication de facto stand., documents at SRI NCI?

TC-251/CEN = medical information security

TCSEC/NCSC = [Orange book] = Trusted computer System Evaluation Guide: D, C1,C2,B1,B2,B3,A1 c4 divisions: policy, account'y,assurance,doc'n.

Teamwork/CADRE = proprietary IPSE/CASE framework

Tooltalk [SUN] = shared developer workspaces, include make files, merging support, part of SparcWorks

UMLS/NLM = medical vocabulary/thesaurus

UNICODE {xerox, Apple, Sun, Nexr] = 2-byte charcter code, uses escapes. unified Chinese, Japanese, Korean... . Competes with ISO 10646, became ISO UCS-2.

UNIX International = repository etc. #3 suite for distributed applications Client server a.o.; use CORBA [Jack Bissell, Larry Brown]

UPIN/ = Universal Physician identfier

URL,URI/IETF = Universal identifier for retrievable objects [CNIDR] Mosaic?

Veronica[Un.Nevada] = Gopher index server, updated monthly, replicated

Windows NT/microsoft = GUI for PC DOS

WhoIs++ = Directory Svce (replace X.500) better scaling [Chris Weider]

X/ MIT = GUI, display window services

(X/Open Ltd) = commercial consortium #2 suite of standards&branded prods, MITI support [Derek C.Kaufman,Philippe Terrien,Vic Goddard, see Peter Janecek]

XA/ (X/Open Ltd) = open 2-phase commit

XDR = Internet Raw data

XPG/(X/Open Ltd) = specifications [Petr Janecek] 1985 = Unix Syst.5 specs, now POSIX compliant XPG2 = data interchange XPG3 = XPG4 = components and profiles suites for testing->branding

X3B10.1/ANSC = Smart Card.

X3H2 = SQL, see above X3H2.1 = RDA, see above

X3H4/ANS|-> ISO,NIST = (IRDS) new Focus: PCTE #13 Information Resource Dict.Syst. repository standards; to be able to handle PDES [Jerry Winkler@ASYSA, Bob Hodges, Roger Burkhart,Twyla Court member] (ANSI X3.138-1988, FIPS 156-1989) Module 1{Basic Defs., Com'd Lang. , Panel interface, Minmal IRDS schema} Services{'fc [X3.185-199x], Exp&Imp [X3.195-199X]} Module 2 {Basic entity types Attribute types, Attr.GroupTypes[ FIPS] Module 3{Security} Module 4{Schema manip'n&evolution} Module 5{Schema procedures} Module 6{Appl6n Progr'ms Interf's} Module 7{Entity list manipul'n} [report: Ms dale dement, Ontek Corp $20]

X3H6/ANSI = CASE tools integration services #14 version&Config.Mgmnt [Harold Pierson,Bill Harrison,...] {AJPO, Atherton Tech., Boeing,CRI, Cadre,DISA/CIM,DEC, IBM,IDA, Informix,mirador,mitre,Nawc-ad, NIST,Northrup,Paramax,Rome labs, sda,spc,sps,sun,TI,Inisys,verdix}

X3H7/ANSI CBEMA = object data management (ODM) derived (OMG) from DBSSG #15 new effort to gain Interoperability, link to X3H2 SQL3 [Bill Kent@H-P; Thompson@TI, Manola@GTE, Fong@NIST]

X3H8/ANSI = representation guidelines [Bill Kenworthy, Melanie Rood?@MITRE]

X3J4.1 / ANSI = OO COBOL, with objects now

X3J13/ANSI = Common LISP, CLOS. Has ignored external interfaces

X3J16/ANSI = persistent C++, i.e., objects. Run-time information.

X3J21?/ Smalltalk, i.e., objects

X3J21/ANSI = Formal Description languages , Vienna Definition Mehodology (VDM) (3-valued logic) and Zed specification language (2 valued logic)

X3L8/ANSI = seperation of naming from from representation

X3T2/ANSI = Knowledge interchange, IRDS, CGs and KIF [Sowa]

X3T3/ANSI = Open Distributed Processing (ODP) similar to MCC (ATLAS) EInet [Ed Stull,John Nicol],see ISO SC21

X3T4/(ANSI,ISO/IEC JT21/SC21/WG7) #17 = open system interconnection(OSI) IEC... WGx = fault, config.,security,... WG1 = general WG3 = Evalution criteria WG4 = naming space directory x500 WG6 = medicine see CEN [Colin Ashford, Henry Lowe]

X3T5/ANSI = Open system interconnection (OSI) includes managed objects

X12/ANSI = ASC see above

X12/EDI = see above

X.400/CCITT = message handling

X.500/CCITT<-IEEE = directory Services namespaces, geographical hierarchy similar to WAIS[Thinking Machines] Scalability in topic-based search?

X.900/CCITT <- ISO 10746 <- SC21 RM-ODP Ref.Mod. Open Distr.Proc.

Z39.50 [WAIS] = server protocol for information clients. Must specify server or list of servers

Z39.59-1988 [Ass.of American Publishers = standard SGML DTD fot books

z.100 /ccitt = SDL specification Language

2167/DoD = software waterfall development

2167A/DoD = requ.&compliance, vers.ids

2168/DoD =

4120.3M/DoD = Cataloging and Standardization Act

5000.1/DoD = Acquisition
5000.2/DoD = DODi acquisition

800 see IEEE

8320/DoD = directive 8320.1 Standard Element Dev., Appr. and Maintenance Procedures