CS446 notes, Gio Wiederhold,

DeBellis: Knowledge-based SoftwareAssistant (KBSA)

Andersen Consulting. Palo alto, ex Chicago part of Arthur Andersen.auditing firm.

Integrate Res from Knowledge Eng. and SW eng

see converted ppt slides

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Ed Feigenbaum vision differs because domain-expets don't want to be captured in boxes, also AI is not ready yet.

Example of what works: using a shell to capture and understand requirements.Plug in expert systems into larger, COBOL systems.

Automation of SW development via AI? No, but can help.

Based on work in Aircraft/Avioncs diagnostics.

[Balzer 2, Cheatham 2, Green 1,2, Luckham, and Rich papers-- put into SW biblio]

'Maintenance at the Specification Level" based on transformation rules. triggered by patterns in a particular language. Example 'set' in spec to 'array' in Progr.Lang.

1. Scrufys [Balzer@isi, GIST language] (more on front-end),

2. Neats[Green@kestrel] KIDS (needed formal specs, hence more on back-end),

3. Friendlies[Cheatham@harvard] (integrate).

Gap remained from un-interpreted GIST to formal specs.

Used Reasoning Systems as infrastructure for Phase 2. [Kotik and Qian] -> Ursula specification language. Has ER and information/data flow views.

Allows coherent rransformations of Sec

Now use CORBA IDL and its superset ODL from ODMG, booch methodology.

More focus on collaboration. IDL just defines part. Added pre-and post conditions.

Concept demo in LISP on Refine, now C++ on top of GALAXY, with Object-store.