CS 446 Fall Quarter 1995-1996 Notes 8

Taken by Gio Wiederhold
Experimental Seminar on Large Scale Software Construction.
Monday, Oct. 23
David Luckham, Prof., Stanford University EE CSL, with John Kenney
Heads PAVG (CSL) 1, prof., 3 postdocs, 1 visit.prof., 1 consultant, 6 raduate students, can use more (especially U.S.)
paper on: http://anna.stanford.edu/rapide/rapide.html
Interact with ARPA (composition, simulation (STOW), CAETI (education)), DMSO (Adv.Distr.simulation), NSA (security), TRW (FAA), Rational Software, Technology law firm, Research and Teaching.
Note that hardware RISC --> CISC
Software: many examples in distributed computing
Errors are frequent in large and complex SW:, and many communities are affected:
Issues of Answers? Topics for CS446:
  • o What is architecture
    examples: Navy Aegis Geo server, DoD ADS-HLA, X-Open DTP sparc V9 64bit ISA
  • o New technology in modeling and simulation
  • o Case studies and Projects with Video oand demos Challenges Example FAA TAAS Terminal Advaced Air Traffic System:
    	Functional boxes
    		Radar processing --> Tactical processing  ---v
     		             '---------------------> Common Console

    Vertical view has three layers, with duplicate consoles
    requirement .99999 up time = 1 year - 5 secs
    Development took * years x ~ 800 programmers, then test!
    Testing on an 18hour history. On multiple hosts, lacks, but needs interconnection with causal linkages.
    Intent: Seamless transfer to operations from training version to backup to real.
    Problems of deriving from an instance of an architecture the interfaces and connections, but cannot derive the princples or style of the archtecture type.
    In 'Object architectures' Out Calls are not documented in the simple instance model, since they occur in the body.
    In 'Module architecture', the interface spec also specifies what it requires, has strict interface visibility. Note that MUDs and MOOs adhere to that since they have defined entrances and exits.
    Need als constriants.
    Conformance to an architecture means Disliked by C programmers..
    Verify by checking duality: