List of Data System Standards format: code/sponsor=Explain ->alt{members}#AIA [people] see ref(explain) See

ACE = Genomic data in hierarchical form, accessible from C language

ACR= American College of Radiology


ACS= American Chemical Society, coding for chemicals

Ada/APJO = procedural Progr.Lang

Ada9X/AJPO = Ada + objects,ADTs?

ANSI see X3H2, X3H4,X3H6,X3H7,X3H8, X3J4,X3J13, X3J16,X3J21 X3T3, X3T5

ANSI 138=repository, -> FIPS 156

Arden Syntax/ASTM= knowledge rules, derived from HELP, data slots, triggers [Pryor, used by Clayton]

ARTIC/IBM CIM=interface for devices on RS6000 and PC OS/2 32 bit

ASC X12 = X12 DISA, 1800 Diagonal Road, Suite355, Alexandria VA

ASN-1/ISO IEC 8824&8825 =Abstract Syntax Notation BNF-like for bibliographic , genomic objects stored in flat files/streams, @genetics[Jax review material] Ex. Pub= {title: string, authors: {|| name: ... Notation {set}; {|| list ||}; [label1: field1, ... ] sequence; ASQC/ANSI A3-1978 =Quality Assurance Terminology Standards

ASTM= American Society for Testing of Materials (oldest US standards org) 1916 Race street, Philadelphia PA

ATA=Aircraft Transportation Association {boeing,ge,aerospatiale,..}

ATA-100 = SGML DTD for maintenance manuals.

ATC/WHO= Drug code (Manufact,drug-> ACS chemical code)

ATPG/ IEEE SCC20 = Automatic Test Program Generation [Al Lowenstein] sponsored in part VHDL

BIDM [RIG] RPS001 = Basic Software Interchange Model Interoperability of SW libraries standards -> UDM

Cairo NT/microsoft=runtime ClientServer integration framework

CALS/DoD =Comp.aided Acq.&Log.Sup. #19 incorporates: {IGES, EDIF, VHDL, EDI, SGML, not? ODA} represents: {IRDS, SQL, SQL RDA, GOSIP, RPC, POSIX, X} as API standards. (to support PDES) [plotnick, gaffney@CSC --> JCALS Larry Johnson,@AF Mqntech] (derived from Army CALS)]

Canon/{7 universities}= robust ontology ->medical concepts, init.Radiology [Greenes, Betsy Humphries@NLM, Pail Mongerson(sp) funder] uses concptual graphs [Sowa]

canonical formats: Dendral[Lederberg], [McCarthy]

Case Communique= HP-based organization to establish a suite of Softbench compatible standards&products

CDIF/EIA,ANSI accred =CASE Data #8 Exchange format->tool interfaces {Boeing, CADRE, ...} [Mike Imber London ...]

CEN = Comite Europeen de Normalisation, rue de Stassart 36, B-1050, Brussels Belgium


CFI =CAD Framework initiatives, computer industry organiz. US version of PCTE

CGM = Technical Illustrations

CNIDR = Clearing House for Information .. Retrieval. Funded by NSF

CORBA/OMG = Common Obj.Request Broker message passing in distr. OODB, uses OMG IDL as its Interface Description Language (may be used by Unix International "a RISC object model"

CPT4/AMA= Medical procedures codes, similar to SNOMED, independent

CPT-4?/NEMA&ACR = medical imaging, PACS

DAE/IBM = API communication interface Dist.Appl.Env. (message paradigm)

DASS / IEEE SCC20 = Design Automation Standards Subcommittee [Al Loenstein]

DDSE/SC7 interim WG11 #8 = Data used by SW Engineering focus on coordination [Peter Eirich]

DCE (OSF) = manufacturing , uses IDL = Internal Description Language (not= OMG IDL) see

DECNET/DEC =de facto standard

DFX =CAD/CAM data exchange

DiaCOM?= Digital Interconnect for Communication

DIN=Deutsche Industrie Normen (German Standards Org., Munich?)

DIS 10728/ISO = repository model

DIS 2.0.3 /IEEE = Distributive Interactive Simulation, information packets for real and simulated (SATF) force units. Replacement for SIMNET

DoD 8020.1-M=DoD Ehterprise Model Interim Management Guidance on Functional Process Improvement Data Dictionary

DQL=[japan] similar to ANSI Z29

DSSSL = pesentation language for SGML?, based on schemas.

E1467-92/ASTM= database standardsfor neuophisiological data..

ECRI= Emergency Care Research Insitute, 5200 Butler Pike, Plymouth meetimg PA.

EDGAR {SEC]= SGML DTD for K-10 submissions

EDI/ANSI ->X12 = Elect.Data Interchange to support commerce (ASC) EDI 811:billing, banking standards

EDIF = Electronic Data Interface Format 2 versions (Europe/US) derived from Caltech design syst.

EINET/MCC= distribution

EIS = WPAFB project with Nick Naclerio

Euclides TC251 = Euclides foundation International, Exelsiorlaan 4A, Zaventem, Belgium

EXPRESS:PDES part 11 =language to Express Step, use[...,Petrotechn. Open SW Corp, a consortium]

E3111/ASTM 1238?= Lab orders & values [Clem MacDonald]

E3112/ASTM= Medical coding, medical records [Gabrieli, Arden Forey]

E3114/ASTM 1381 = Labinstrument- computer interconnect (low-level)

E3115/ASTM 1384 =See Arden Syntax, <^ HELP system. Medical vocab?

E3116/ASTM= Electrophysiology {EEG,...}

FALCON/Mentor = proprietory elect.CAD framework (adopted by CARNOT?)

FIPS/GAO?= Federal Inf.Proc.Standards based on {ANSI,ISO,CBMA,EIA,..}

Express = language to describr STEP, others also Express-G (graphical). Includes contraints

Gopher [UnMinn] = browser server, can go to multiple sources, with Veronica the menus can be locally merged [Ankelesaria 93]

GOSIP/OSI= stack definition limited use, competes with de facto TCP/IP standard

GR4/CCITT = raster graphics MIL-D-28003

HIMA= Health Information Managmnt Ass. medical records (35 000 terms)

HIPDC?= code for Medical Institutions and sites of care

HISPP/ANSI= Healthcare Informatics Standards Planning Panel [Clem McDonald]

HL7/CPRI->ANSI= Health Level Seven, 900 Victors Way, Ann Arbor MI, Hospital Inf.Systems [Don Simborg, Quinn WhitingO'Keefe, Fischer] 800 members

HOST/VA=Hybrid Open Systems Technology standards for module insertion [Shannon]

HySeas = methods to be driven by SGML syntax [David Beech]

HyTime = a hypertext standard, interprets extended SGML syntax and semantics., has clinks for external document refernces and ilinks for externally kept references to internals of documents, inclusing by name, relative, tree=structure, and semantic: by computed query result.

ICD9 -CM = Commission on Professional and Hospital Activities, 1968 Green Road, Ann Arbor MI, medical diagnoses

ICEIMT = International Conf.on #1, Enterprise Integration Modeling Technology [Bruce Speyer]

IDEF-0 =process flow,adopted by DISA

IDEF-1A = ER model, cardinality

IEC=International Electrotechnical Commission (assists ISO)

IEC TC93= Design Automation, also CASE

IEC 10165 /ISO OSI = Managed objects,, templates

IEC10744, HyTime = Hypertext.

IEC 7698-1&-4/ISO OSI= Management data

IEC 9595&9596/ISO OSI= CMIS/P

IEEE = IEEE standards department, 445 hoes Lane, Piscataway NJ


IEEE SCC20 = IEEE Standards Cooordinationg Commitee [Al Lowenstein]

IEEE 802.2, .3,.4,.5=Ethernet

IEEE 983 =waterfall model

IETF = Internet Engineering Task Force, (Amsterdam) reports to Internet, Architecture Board

IGES =graphic product descr MIL-D-28000, vector-based?. STEP predecessor

InterSolv NT/-repository tool kit

ISIS/Cornell,DARPA= information interchange, boughtout by stratus

ISO see X3Tn

ISO 9000 = software process standards, related to SEI maturity model.

ISO 10946 = 4 byte chractercode, includes chinese, Japanse, ... as distinct symbols competes with UNICODE

ISO NMF=Network Management #5 creates Omnipoint [Bruce Merrill]

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 = Software Eng. (US TAG [MITRE])

ISO/IEC JTC1 AdHoc group on APIs [Jon Becker]

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC21/WG3 IEC 10032 -> #11 Ref.Model Data Management [David Jefferson, Liz Fong] {SQL, IRDS, RDA, need Ex-/import, ...} diagrammatic description

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC21 WG7 -> 10746/SC21 RM-ODP(WG7)= Ref.Model of Open Distributed Processing

ISO 10303 =STEP [ISO/TC184/SC4]; product descr.repr. [Mantech]

ISO conceptual schema WG, started 1992 in renesse

ITSEC (France,Germ.,Neth's, UK)/ [ &ind.,HMSO,London]= Inf.Techn. Security Eval Criteria. European TCSEC: E0=D,E1...E6

KIF/stanford&darpa @knowledge [Genesereth]

KQML/isi,paramax=knowledge wrapper, @knowledge transactions [Bob Neches:report]

LSAR = logistics MIL-STD-1388

LU 6.2=APPC PC OS/2 communication

Mach=Unix OS beyond Posix

MAP 3.0/GM = manufacturing API, limited acceptance of system, more of interface

Medix/IEEE= images, signals, medical logic

MIB/IEEE= Medical Information Bus [Gardner]

MIF/apple,NeXT = prop.Framemaker Interchange Format


MIL-STD-483A/DoD = SW{vers.ids}


MIL-STD-1803 = SW

MIL-STD-1840A/DoD= Compound Document, MIL-D-IETM DB

MIME = Multipupose Internet Mail Extension; 1993. recognition of datatype %PS, ...

MMS= API for floor devices, (application protocol interface) recent, incomplete, permits companion standards, as for bar-code readers

Motif=GUI X-windows toolkit

NAPI see PCTE= NorthAm.PCTE initiative

NCPDP= National Council for Prescription Drug Programs pharmacy billing messages, with{patient,payment,drugcode=NDC}

NDC/= National Drug Code (11 digits) similar to ATC/WHO

NEMA= National Electrical Manufacturers Association, 2101 L Street, NW Washington DC supports CPT-4

NGCR/ Navy or National = POSIX standard

NIIIP (National Industrial Information Infrastructure Protocols) = IBM led consortium, addresses CORBA etc.

NITF10/DoD DDR&E = National Interchange Format Standard

NMF see ISO NMF, Omnipoint

NOSI= National Information Standards Organization {who, where}

NTSC= TV `never twice the same color'

ODA [ISO]/ODIF=Open Document Architecture. /Interch.Format)` competes with SGML, comm.derived, specifies a tree-structure, includes layout and imaging, Large & complex, subsetted.

ODA-ODIF=Open Document Interchange.Format, an ASN-1 encoding. ` ODL = an SGML encoding (DTD?) of ASN-1

ODMG = OODB vendors [Rick Cattell]

ODMG-32 = (OMG superset) includes object definition language object query language C++, Smalltalk bindings [see Doug Barry]

OLE (microsoft) = Object composition, without inheritance

OMG consortium{HP, SUN,DEC,TI,...,} #6 count 250/60} "the global object appliance" @products : Architecture guide, arch., obj.model, created, see CORBA [Richard Soley, Geoffrey R.Lewis, Craig Thompson] subareas: OO analyis [.@ICL] Smalltalk [.@ParcPlace] Parallel execution [.@NCR] Class Libraries [.@Borland]

Omnipoint/see ISO NMF= snapshot of 97 standards collection at 1992,1994, ..., for Management services users: NIST(GMY\, UK CCTA, ... Standards sources as X.700, CORBA consortia: OMG, ..., INTAP,

OpenDoc = by ISA? built on top of CORBA specified in IDL Accessible through APIs (Novell) To be made available by Iona, IBM, ExpertSoft in 1995.

Open Look / ATT&T, Sun = windows interface for UNIX.

ORB/OMG=Object request broker


PCIS/AJPO= Portable Comm.Interface Set [Solomon]

PCTE/ECMA TC33, ANSI X3H4 =Portable Common Tools Envoroment. Unix dev+ER model, file transfer [Christian Bremereau,William Wong] should use TCP-IP alternatives: HP Softbench, DEC Cohesion, SUN ToolTalk, Field, IBM AD/Cycle --> Data Processing

PCTE NAPI=NorthAmerican PCTE initiative [Hugh Davis,Ian Thomas,Alan Brown] "high=level OS ECMA" (implementation by Emeraude, MarkV STF, Eur., US{IBM,DEC}, 5 Jap,

PCTE+/ECMA= to use objects, include security for DoD

PDES/ISO TC184 SC4 #27 =Prod.Data Exchange Using STEP consortium with IBM, ... [Bradford Smith=chair, @SCRA, gadient@PDES Inc, PROSTEP Berlin, GOSET Paris, CADDETC Leeds UK, KC.Morris@PDES Testbed@NIST] level 1 file exchange level 2 databased exchange(schhema) not a super or subset of level 1 level 3 database content SDAI level 4 knowledge base, undefined, constrained, multiple WGs by area WG1 WG2 WG3 WG4 WG5 WG6 WG7

POSIX 1003.1/IEEE,Unix Intern.=OS UNIX

P1175/IEEE-CS = Professional Comp. Tools task group [Peter Eirich] Enumerated 200 standards using STL language


RDA/SAG -> ISO IEC 9579 = SQL based Remote Data Access [Len Gallagher@NIST, Shirley Hurvitz]

RIG = Reuse Library Interoperability Gp [Payton, Moore]

RTF [microsoft] = Rich text format

sc/14 = standard datanames referent/attributes/representation

SDAI/PDES= Express to Step Data Access Interface to use C++

SEED - Standard for the Exchange of Earthquake Data

sensor@test/GMA= equipment[GMA]

SDTS /OGIS -> ANSI= Spatial Data Transfer Standard for geodata, uses data (and process?) transformation services.

SFQL/ATA = SQL-like language for text, to access manuals on CD-ROM competes with NISO, DIN projects

SGML 887-9/ISO =gen.markup language, MIL-M-28001 @documents actually a meta standard, requires a DTD for any instance, independent of layout. see ATA. EDGAR, HTML

SNIP=Network management, also CMIP for OSI

SNMP= Simple network management protocol

SNOMED/Am.Coll.of Path= topology, ..., soon: Medical procedures

Softbench NT= development environment

SQL/(ANSI,ISO) ->ISO IEC 9075->FIPS 127 =Structured Query Language SQL2 (appr.1992) = SQL + constraints SQL3 (1995) = SQL2 + objects, subset of C++ using ref [Jim Melton, David Beech@oracle, Jim Gallagher@nist]

SQL-Ada/SEI = [cmu:Marc Graham]

SSN/SSA= Social Security Number, used successfully by VA, in modified form by DoD

STL/IEEE= Semantic Transfer Language. tool-to-tool communication, non graphical

STEP = collection of standards [KC Morris] base for PDES see above contains layers: Application protocols Infrastructure as Grpahical representation STEP part 21=clear text encoding Draft ISO standard STEP part 22 = step data access interface (SDAI) database interface, needs AP interoperability STEP Part 42=Geometric and topological representation STEP Part 102 = 2D geometry STEP Part 108 = 3D solid modeling

TPIM:Step part1xx=Tech.Pub.

SUMM [PDES inc]: Semantic Unif.Meta Model Step AP203= API standard

Taligent/Apple&IBM=runtime ClientServer, integration framework

(TCP/IP)= communication de facto stand., documents at SRI NCI?

TC-251/CEN= medical information security

TCSEC/NCSC= [Orange book]= Trusted computer System Evaluation Guide: D, C1,C2,B1,B2,B3,A1 c4 divisions: policy, account'y,assurance,doc'n.

Teamwork/CADRE = proprietary IPSE/CASE framework

Tooltalk [SUN] = shared developer workspaces, include make files, merging support, part of SparcWorks

UMLS/NLM = medical vocabulary/thesaurus

UNICODE {xerox, Apple, Sun, Nexr]= 2-byte charcter code, uses escapes. unified Chinese, Japanese, Korean... . Competes with ISO 10646, became ISO UCS-2.

UNIX International=repository etc. #3 suite for distributed applications Client server a.o.; use CORBA [Jack Bissell, Larry Brown]

UPIN/ = Universal Physician identfier

URL,URI/IETF= Universal identifier for retrievable objects [CNIDR] Mosaic?

Veronica[Un.Nevada]=Gopher index server, updated monthly, replicated

Windows NT/microsoft=GUI for PC DOS

WhoIs++= Directory Svce (replace X.500) better scaling [Chris Weider]

X/ MIT =GUI, display window services

(X/Open Ltd) = commercial consortium #2 suite of standards&branded prods, MITI support [Derek C.Kaufman,Philippe Terrien,Vic Goddard, see Peter Janecek]

XA/ (X/Open Ltd) = open 2-phase commit

XDR= Internet Raw data

XPG/(X/Open Ltd) = specifications [Petr Janecek] 1985= Unix Syst.5 specs, now POSIX compliant XPG2= data interchange XPG3= XPG4= components and profiles suites for testing->branding

X3B10.1/ANSC=Smart Card.

X3H2 = SQL, see above X3H2.1 = RDA, see above

X3H4/ANS|-> ISO,NIST =(IRDS) new Focus: PCTE #13 Information Resource Dict.Syst. repository standards; to be able to handle PDES [Jerry Winkler@ASYSA, Bob Hodges, Roger Burkhart,Twyla Court member] (ANSI X3.138-1988, FIPS 156-1989) Module 1{Basic Defs., Com'd Lang. , Panel interface, Minmal IRDS schema} Services{'fc [X3.185-199x], Exp&Imp [X3.195-199X]} Module 2 {Basic entity types Attribute types, Attr.GroupTypes[ FIPS] Module 3{Security} Module 4{Schema manip'n&evolution} Module 5{Schema procedures} Module 6{Appl6n Progr'ms Interf's} Module 7{Entity list manipul'n} [report: Ms dale dement, Ontek Corp $20]

X3H6/ANSI = CASE tools integration services #14 version&Config.Mgmnt [Harold Pierson,Bill Harrison,...] {AJPO, Atherton Tech., Boeing,CRI, Cadre,DISA/CIM,DEC, IBM,IDA, Informix,mirador,mitre,Nawc-ad, NIST,Northrup,Paramax,Rome labs, sda,spc,sps,sun,TI,Inisys,verdix}

X3H7/ANSI CBEMA= object data management (ODM) derived (OMG) from DBSSG #15 new effort to gain Interoperability, link to X3H2 SQL3 [Bill Kent@H-P; Thompson@TI, Manola@GTE, Fong@NIST]

X3H8/ANSI = representation guidelines [Bill Kenworthy, Melanie Rood?@MITRE]

X3J4.1 / ANSI = OO COBOL, with objects now

X3J13/ANSI= Common LISP, CLOS. Has ignored external interfaces

X3J16/ANSI= persistent C++, i.e., objects. Run-time information.

X3J21?/ Smalltalk, i.e., objects

X3J21/ANSI=Formal Description languages , Vienna Definition Mehodology (VDM) (3-valued logic) and Zed specification language (2 valued logic)

X3L8/ANSI= seperation of naming from from representation

X3T2/ANSI= Knowledge interchange, IRDS, CGs and KIF [Sowa]

X3T3/ANSI =Open Distributed Processing (ODP) similar to MCC (ATLAS) EInet [Ed Stull,John Nicol],see ISO SC21

X3T4/(ANSI,ISO/IEC JT21/SC21/WG7) #17 =open system interconnection(OSI) IEC... WGx= fault, config.,security,... WG1= general WG3= Evalution criteria WG4= naming space directory x500 WG6= medicine see CEN [Colin Ashford, Henry Lowe]

X3T5/ANSI= Open system interconnection (OSI) includes managed objects

X12/ANSI = ASC see above

X12/EDI= see above

X.400/CCITT = message handling

X.500/CCITT<-IEEE = directory Services namespaces, geographical hierarchy similar to WAIS[Thinking Machines] Scalability in topic-based search?

X.900/CCITT <- ISO 10746 <- SC21 RM-ODP Ref.Mod. Open Distr.Proc.

Z39.50 [WAIS] = server protocol for information clients. Must specify server or list of servers

Z39.59-1988 [Ass.of American Publishers= standard SGML DTD fot books

z.100 /ccitt =SDL specification Language

2167/DoD=software waterfall development

2167A/DoD =requ.&compliance, vers.ids

2168/DoD =

4120.3M/DoD =Cataloging and Standardization Act

5000.1/DoD = Acquisition 5000.2/DoD = DODi acquisition

800 see IEEE

8320/DoD = directive 8320.1 Standard Element Dev., Appr. and Maintenance Procedures