CS 446 Notes 3, 2 Oct 1995, to be updated

CS 446 Fall Quarter Notes 3 Gio Wiederhold
Experimental Seminar on Large Scale Software Construction.

CS446 Objective in a nutshell: Determine a syllabus for a real course.
Is there is enough science for academic study and research?
I hear that no copies of the Blum book are left. Please send a message to Siroker@cs so that Marianne can tally how many are still needed.

Discussion points:

Project choices - The main input for a grade in this course.

1. Readings and reports by participants.
Select either:
a. A book from the forthcoming reading list
b. A set of papers on some topic, maybe one presented by a speaker
The format of a report should include
. .1 a title
.2 a descriptive summary
.3 a concise statement of the hypothesis for the concept, that can be discussed with me or in class.
.4 how the authors(s) demonstate or pove the hypothesis
.5 a critique
.6 a suggestion on how the points being made could be
shown to be valid (that's close to the design of a thesis...
or a CS293 course)
Other projects I seek candidates for:
2. Creation of a course syllabus for 1995, based on what we cover, read and learn.
3. Creation of an annotated reading list for future courses.
4. A report to deal with issues raised by a speaker(s), I am thinking specifically of the LAIR presentation on Oct 10th.
5. Other suggestions by you.
Please let my know, by email to Gio@cs of your choice, preferably by Oct 19th.
You should be prepared to present your project to the class -- about 10 to 15 minutes, although we won't go through all. The presentation should look reasonably professional and be submitted via email, but just in plain ascii format, or html.