Stanford/IBM Symposium

Thursday, April 10, 2003


Conference Room A, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR)

Corner of Galvez Street and Serra Street

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm





1:00 to 1:10                  Welcome, Matt Scott, Chair of Bio-X Leadership Council


1:10 to 1:20                  Jed Pitera, IBM Almaden,  Computational Biology Center overview


1:20 to 1:35                  Prof. Leo Guibas, Computer Science, computational geometry, structural matching


1:35 to 1:50                  Barry Robson, IBM Watson, Information Based Medicine


1:50 to 2:05                  Prof. Serafim Batzoglou, Computer Science, sequence alignment



2:05 to 2:15                  Break





2:15 to 2:30                  Yuhai Tu, IBM Watson,  Simulation of chemotaxis of E. coli


2:30 to 2:45                  Prof. Harley McAdams, Developmental Biology Department, Stanford University School of Medicine


2:45 to 3:00                  Prof. Doug Brutlag, BioChemistry, Binding, statistical methods


3:00 to 3:15                  Howard Ho, IBM Almaden, Schema Mapping and Data Integration (Clio)


3:15 to 3:30                  Break




3:30 to 3:45                  Prof. Sandy Napel, Radiology, medical imaging


3:45 to 4:00                  Peter Schwarz, IBM Almaden, Data Integration  


4:00 to 4:15                  Prof. Vijay Pande, Chemistry, protein folding, binding


4:15 to 4:30                  Prof. Russ Altman, Genetics, statistical methods, structural matching


4:30 to 5:00                  Reception