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For Gio Wiederhold and CS99I class: Traveling the Information Highways.; © (copyright) 1995, 1997, 2000. Gio Wiederhold; © 1998 Gio Wiederhold and CS99I class.

You can view, copy, and distribute any chapter or part of a chapter of Traveling the Information Highways in electronic form, as long as this copyright notice is included. However restrictions apply to the printing of copies; i.e., the paper distribution and redistribution of this material, i.e., printing, is handled as shareware.
If you print a chapter or part of a chapter we will expect reimbursement at the rate of US $0.50 or equivalent for each chapter you print. The same rate applies to subsequent paper reproduction.
Payment, once made, also entitles you to print subsequent updates.

Payment may be made by check made out to Stanford University, identified as being for `Traveling the Information Highways, c/o Prof. Wiederhold' and mailed to Gio Wiederhold, Gates Computer Science 4A, Stanford University, Stanford CA 94305.
If you are in a country with currency transfer restrictions, please let us know and we will try to set up adequate arrangements.

Gio Wiederhold (, January 1998.
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