CS99I Freshman Seminar:
Internet references

This bibliography was initialized with recent publications during Fall 1997. The citations from these references should provide access to earlier works.
As the references are read during the CS99I course participants will add reviews to this list for benefit of others course participants as well as for outside readers.
The initial references listed here are intended to get a start. Read the attached reviews to help you decide what to read. If there are no reviews yet you may want locate comments on the web, for instance those given for books by the Amazon bookstore.

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[AlbertsP97] David S. Alberts and Daniel S. Papp (eds): Information Age Anthology, Volume I;

ACTIS, National Defense University Press, Washington DC., June 1997; http://www.ndu.edu/inss/insshp.html/. Entry made by Gio 21 June 1997. Copies on reserve in the Math/CS library.
Four separately bound parts:
  1. Part one: Information and Communication Revolution;
  2. Part two: Business, Commerce and Services;
  3. Part three: Government and the Military;
  4. Part four: International Affairs.
[Gio Wiederhold, June 97] Very readable overview, with up to date tables and cross references. Many references to the Internet, its origins, and some of its positive and negative effects. Student oriented.

[BranscombEA97] Lewis Branscomb et al.: The Unpredictable Certainty, Information Infrastructure through 2000

Two volumes: Report and White papers; National Academy Press, 1997.
Brief Description
The white paper volume contains 65 brief white papers ranging from the general to the specific. Topics areas include Government services, communication infrastructure (32 papers), economics (7), healthcare (3), manufacturing, crisis information, security and privacy (3), Geodata,

[Cairncross97] Frances Cairncross: The Death of Distance; How the Communications Revolution Will Change Our Lives;

Harvard Business School Press, 1997.
Brief description
[Giuliana A. Lavendel, 9Feb1998] file
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[Cargill97] Carl F. Cargill: Open Systems Standardization, A Business Approach;
Prentice-Hall 1997.


[Gio Wiederhold, 22 June 1997] It provides a high level and sometimes erudite overview of the economic success factors and strategies for standards setting and standards organizations. One chapter discusses the Internet development process

[ChoiSW97] Son-Yong CHoi, Dale O. Srtahl, and Andrew B. Whinston: The Economics of Electronic Commerce;
Macmillan 1997.


Chapters on 1. Electronic Commerce (ElCom) and the Internet; 2: Characteristics of Digital Products and Processes; 3: Internet Infrastructure and Pricing; 4: Quality Uncertainty and Market Efficiency; 5: Economic Aspects of Copyright Uncertainty; 6: Signaling Quality and Product Information; 7: Consumer's Search for Information; 8: Product Choices and Discrimatory Pricing; 9: Financial Intermediaries and ElCom; 10: Electronic Payment Systems; 11: Business and Policy implications of ElCom; 12: Future Diections for Economic Research.

[author, date] description, critique, suitable audience.

[ClaytonEA97] Paul Clayton et al.: For The Record, Protecting Electronic Health Care Information;

National Academy Press, 1997.


A report, based on a survey, on the practice and the gaps in protecting the privacy of health care information. The issues are tied together in a scenerio of a typical family. Intended to be input the legislative process and the requirements being placed in the Department of Health and Human Services by the Fair Health Information Practices Act (HIPA) of 1997. At the end of 2000 - finally, some specific regulations were issued.


[Gio Wiederhold, 30 June 1997] Good examples of the effect on individuals. The material is very descriptive, but the overall model is not very clear. Recommendations are based on traditional approaches and some are hard to realize in practice.

[Comer97] Douglas E. Comer: The Internet Book;

2nd ed., Prentice Hall, 327 pp.

Easy to read, but superficial description of a broad set of topics on the Internet and related web services.

[DenningM97] Peter Denning and Bob Metcalfe (eds): Beyond Computation;

ACM, 1997 . Entry made by Gio 21 June 1997.
Can't have perfect software [Frankston]
Format [author, date] description, critique, suitable audience.

[HafnerL96] Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon: Where Wizards Stay Up Late; Simon and Schuster, 1996, 304 pp.

Entry made by Gio 15 June 1997.

[Hanson00] Ward Hanson: Principles of Internet Marketing; South-Western, 2000, 467 pp.


Stanford Business School text.

Entry made by Gio 7 Jan 2000.

[Dyson97] Esther Dyson: Release 2: A Design for Living in The Digital Age; Broadway Books, 1997.

Entry made by Gio 11 Feb. 1998.
[Wired, Feb.1989] Her views are more reasonable than exciting.

[Herrman97] Robert Herrmann and Carl Lineberger (eds.): More Than Screen Deep, Toward Every-Citizen Interfaces to the Nation's Information Infrastructure;

National Research Council, National Academy Press, 1997

[Kehoe92] Brendan P. Kehoe: Zen and the Art of the Internet: A Beginner's Guide;

Prentice Hall, 1992.
Brief description
Brief but useful Internet guide with plenty of good advice on useful machines to paw over for data. Mr. Kehoe's guide bears the singularly wonderful distinction of being available in electronic form free of charge.
[author, date] description, critique, suitable audience.

[Kowalski97] Gerald Kowalski: Information Retrieval Systems Theory and Implementation;

Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997.
Entry made by Gio 15 June 1997.
[Gio Wiederhold, 15 Jun2 1997] The author is with the Central Intelligence Agency, USA. Considers Internet retrieval. A graduate text.

[LeeMHR00] Chong-Moon Lee, William F. Miller, Marguerite Gong Hancock, and Henry S. Rowen: The Silicon Valley Edge; Stanford Business, 2000, 424 pp.


Essays on the Silicon Vallet environment.

Entry made by Gio 7 Jan 2000.

[Lehnert97] Wendy Lehnert: Internet 101, A Beginner's Guide to the Internet and The World Wide Web;

Addison-Wesley, 1997.

[LynchL96] Daniel C. Lynch and Leslie Lundquist @Cybercash, Inc: Digital Money: The New Era of Internet Commerce;

John Wiley and Sons, 1996, 285pp.
Brief description
In effect a short introduction to the Internet. Includes a primer on Encryption.
[author, date] description, critique, suitable audience.

[NagelA97] John Nagel and Arthur Armstrong: Net Gain: Expanding Markets Through Virtual Communities;

Entry made by Gio 15 June 1997.
Format [author, date] description, critique, suitable audience.

[NegroponteA96] Nicholas Negroponte and Marty Asher (eds.): Being Digital;

Vintage Books, paperback, 1996.
Entry made by Gio 15 June 1997.
Prof. Negroponte is the director of the MIT Media Laboratory.
Format [author, date] description, critique, suitable audience.

[Neumann95] Peter G. Neumann @ SRI: Computer-Related Risks;

ACM Press / Addison Wesley, 1995, ISBN 0-201-55805-X, 384pp. $22.25 for ACM members; ACM Order #704943 (1-800-342-6626)
Brief description
to help in selection
[Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate] This sobering description of many computer-related failures throughout our world deflates the hype and hubris of the industry. Peter Neumann analyzes the failure modes, recommends sequences for prevention and ends his unique book with some broadening reflections on the future --

[Perrochon96] Louis Perrochon: School Goes Internet; subtitle Das Buch Fur Mutige Lehrerinnen und Lehrer;

In German. Dpunkt Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany.. Entry made by Gio 23 January 1998.

[RagettLA96] Dave Raggett, Jenny Lam, Ian Alexander: HTML 3, Electronic Publishing on the World-Wide-Web;

Addison Wesley, 1996?
Entry made by Gio 21 June 1997.
Quote: Java was a buzzword then

[RFC] John Postel et al.: Request for Comments (RFC); filed at USC/ISI as nnnn.txt">http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfcnnnn, formerly at the SRI International Network Center, 1969-1999.

These documents preceded and eventually, when implemented and accepted, became the standards for the internet. For example rfc0791 defines the Internet Protocol (1981) and rfc0821 defines the Email Protocol (1982). Entry made by Gio 21 June 1997.
Quote: Java was a buzzword then

[Stefik96] Mark Stefik: Internet Dreams, Archetypes, Myths, and Metaphors;

MIT Press, 1996. On rerserve in the Math/CS library. Entry made by Gio 15 June 1997.
A collection of essays and excerpts from the people who focused on Internet services, with a foreword by Vinton Cerf

[Stoll96] Clifford Stoll: Silicon Snake Oil : Second Thoughts on the Information Highway;

Anchor Books
Entry made by Gio 15 June 1997.
Format [author, date] description, critique, suitable audience.

Refereed Literature and Bookchapters.

[AssokanJSW97] N. Asokan, Phillipe A. Janson, Michael Steiner, Michael Waidner @IBM Zurich Research: "The State of the Art in Electronic Mechanisms";

IEEE Computer, Vol. 30 No.8, Sept. 1997, pp.28-39.

[BishopCW97] Matt Bishop, Steven Cheung, and Christpher Wei: The Threat from the Net";

IEEE Spectrum, IEEE, August 1997, pages 56-63. Entry made by Gio 7 September 1997.
Quote: "As it stands today, the Internet is not secure, so the only option is to understand how attacks occur and how to best protect against them"

[Brutzman97] Don Brutzman: Graphics Internetworking: Bottlenecks and Breakthroughs;

Chapter 4 in Clark Dodsworth, jr. (ed): Digital Illusion: Entertaining the Future with High Technology; ACM press, 1997. Entry made by Gio 27 August 1997.
Description of internet protocols and technology for multi-site, multi-player games.

[Jones95] article by Jones

1995 issue of American Programmer (see ref Krygiel paper)

[KetchpelG97] Steven P. Ketchpel and Hector Garcia Molina: A Sound and Complete Algorithm for Digital Commerce Transactions;

Stanford report, SIDL-WP-1997-0074, Sep. 1997

Secure Multi-party Transactions

[KonopnickiS:98] David Konopnicki and Oded Shmueli: "Information Gathering in the World Wide Web: The W3QL query language and the W3QS System";

ACM TODS, Vol.23 No.4, Dec.1998, pp/369-410. =I3= Query language allows access to form-based information on the web.

[MetcalfeB76] Robert M. Metcalfe and David R. Boggs: "Ethernet: Distributed Packet Switching for Local Computer Networks";

Comm.ACM, Vol.19 No.7, Jul 1976, pp.395-404.

[Noll97] A. Michael Noll: Internet Pricing Vs. Reality;

Comm. ACM; Aug.1997, pp. 118-121. Entry made by Gio 29 September 1997.
Analyzes the long distance transnission costs of email, images, and movies. Concludes that email might as well be free, while transmitting movies is not economic. The government should stop subsidizing the Internet.
[Gio, 29 Sep 1997] While this article lays out costs in a very useful way, it does not prescribe an integrated feasible payment scheme. If there are no paying high-bandwidth consumers, how can free email be supported? It seems actually desirable to charge, even minimally, for email, to provide a disincentive for spammers.

[RodriguezEa98] Juan A. Rodriguez-Aguilar, Francisco J. Martin, Pablo Noriega, Pere Garcia, and Carles Sierra: "Towards a Test-bed for Trading Agents in Electronic Auction Markets";

AI Communications, ECAI, Vol.111 No.1 August 1998, p 5-19. Entry made by Gio 25 September 1998.
Example of Web-based Auctioning in a Fishmarket.

[Time97] Editors: The Man Who Invented the Web;

Time Magazine19 May 1997. Entry made by Gio 7 December 1997.
Sympathetic and informative biography of Tim Berners-Lee and the factors that came together to start the web.

[SA97] Editors: The Internet: Fulfilling the Promise;

Scientific American March 1997. Entry made by Gio 7 August 1997.

Special report with brief articles on "Searching the Internet" by Clifford Lynch; "Finding Pictures" by Gary Stix; "Going Digital" for libraries by Michael Lesk; "Filtering Information on the Internet" by Paul Resnick; "Interfaces for Searching the Web" by Mart Hearst; "Websurfing without a Monitor" by T.V. Raman; "Multilingualism and the Internet" by Bruno Oudet; "Trusted Systems" by Mark Stefik; and "Preserving the Internet" by Brewster Kahle.

[ShochB80] John F. Shoch and Jon A. Hupp: "Measured Performance of an Ethernet Local Network";

Comm.ACM, Vol.23 No.12, Dec 1980, pp.711-721.

[RogerSmith-MDcomputing97] Roger Smith: Internet Update;

MD Computing, Springer, Oct. 1997. Entry made by Gio 2000.


Special issue with list of homepages and articles on "Bayesian Communicatio of Research Results" by Harold Lehmann and Bach Nguyen; "System for management of diabetic patients" by Alberto Riva et al.; "The OncoLink Experience" by Ivor benjamin et al.; "Dermatology Training" by Andreas Bitdorf et al..

[WangWF:97] J.Z. Wang, G. Wiederhold, O. Firschein: System for Screening Objectionable Images Using Daubechies' Wavelets and Color Histograms;

Stanford University, USA. (better - new paper on locating objectionable websites)

Web Publications.

[Berghel97] Hal Berghel:information on HTML


[BernersLee:94] Tim Berners-Lee: RFC 1738: Uniform resource Locators;

http://WWW.w3.org/hypertext/WWW/Addressing/rfc1738.txt, Dec.1994. URL specification.

[Clark96] Gilbert Clark: Telescopes on Education;

http://www.mtwilson/edu/MWO/Science/TIE/ Mount Wilson Institute

[FieldingFB:96] R.Fielding, H. Frystyk, and Tim Berners-Lee: Internet draft: Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP 1.1;

http://WWW.w3.org/hypertext/WWW/Protocols/HTTP/1.1/spec.html, Jan 1996. =I3= HTTP specification.

[Grobe:94] M.Grobe: An instanaeous Introduction to GCI scripts and HTML forms;

http://www.cc.ukans.edu/~acs/docs/other/forms-intro.shtml, 1994. =I3= Introduction to Web scripting and GCI documentation.

[Leon96] Marc Leon: NASA Telerobotics Course;

http://quest/arc/nasa.gov/courses/telerobotics/590/, University of North Dakota and NASA Ames Research Center

[Madnick01] Stuart Madnick: The Misguided Silver Bullet: What XML will and will NOT do to help Information Integration

Entry made by Gio 15 November 2001. On line.
Format [author, date] description, critique, suitable audience.

[USHR97] U.S. House of Representatives: The Next Generation Internet Initiative, Testimony

, September 10, 1997
http://www.house.gov/science/hearing.htm#Full_Committee; partial copy here.

[PUBMED] Harold Varmus: PUBMED CENTRAL: An NIH-operated Site for Electronic Distribution of Life Sciences Research Reports

, August 30, 1999
copy here.


Kathleen O'Toole: Study takes early look at social consequences of Net use

, executed by Stanford Professor Norman Nie, director of SIQSS and principal investigator of the study along with his co-investigator Professor Lutz Erbring of the Free University of Berlin, February 16, 2000
copy here, copied from Source.


ACM Crossroads

This ACM student publication is published primarily on-line and has frequently articles related to the Internet and its opportunities.

Business Week Magazine

BWhas an article nearly every week about the Internet or related topics, from a business, but generally well-reasonedand fairly liberal, point of view at www.businessweek.com with GioCM code.

Student subscriptions are possible.


Mary Vernon, Edward Lazowska, Stewart Personick: R&D for the NII, Technical Challenges;

Conference report, 28 Feb.1994 , published by EDUCOM, 1112 16th street NW, Washington DC, 20036.

New York Times

The new York Times has two sections every week relating to the Internet.

A weekly E-Commerce Report runs every Monday on the New York Times on the Web: www.nytimes.com/library/tech/reference/indexcommerce.html.
There was a comprehensive Section D on Wednesday 22 Sept 99, http://www.nytimes.com/library/tech/99/09/biztech/technology/index.html

A more general section, with pointers to many web sites appears Thursdays: www.nytimes.com/circuits.html with GioWiederhold code.

Related material.


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