Filling a Gap in Security Practice

Gio Wiederhold

Stanford University

Filling a Gap in Security Practice


Dominant approach

Remaing Issue: Assuring Secure Collaboration

Collaboration Needs:

The Gap: Assumption that Acess right = Retrievable data

Expected Problems

Model: Interoperating Domains

Security Mediator

Agents and Privacy

Security Officer

PP Presentation


Overall Schematic

Security Officer Functions

Rules implement policy

Coverage of Access Paths

A mediator is not just static software

Software Components

Rule system

PP Presentation

Security Mediator Benefits

TIHI Summary

Backup slides

Application of Rules

General mediation approach: isolate value-added processing

Rules for Security Mediators

Rule Processing

The Rule Language

The Rule Language - Features...

Rule Type Examples

Rules... (continued)

Security Table Definition

Security Table Definition... (continued)

Rule application - Overview


Implementation... (continued)

System Operations