List of Abstracts for Gio's presentations

Gio Wiederhold, February 2000.
Many recent or important papers, as well as many viewgraphs, are available to net browsers. An up-to-date list of all my papers is also available.


On the Barriers and Future of Knowledge Discovery.
Mediation in Information Systems.
Modeling and System Maintenance.


Intelligent Integration of Information.
Advanced Software Applications in Japan.
Dealing with Asynchrony in Technology Transfer.
A Security Mediator for Health Care Information.
Protecting Collaboration.


Integrating Data into Objects Using Structural Knowledge.
Mediation to Implement Feedback in Training.
Abstraction of Representation for Interoperation.
Value-added Mediation in Large-Scale Information Systems.
Conceptual Basis for Mediation.
A Compiler for Composition: CHAIMS.


Web Implementation of a Security Mediator.
A Language and System for Composing Megamodule.
Protecting Inappropriate Release of Data from Realistic Databases.
Cost Estimation in CPAM, an Access protocol for Remote and Autonomous Services.
Weaving Data into Information.
Software Component Licensing Issues: A Primer.


AIDA: The INEEL Data Integration Mediation System.
Information Systems that Really Support Decision-making.
Mediation to Deal with Heterogeneous Data Sources.
SimQL: an Interface for Integrating Access to Simulations into Information Systems.
Trends for the Information Technology Industry.


A Graph-oriented Model for Articulation of Ontology.
Augmenting Information Systems with Access to Predictive Tools.
Penguin: Objects for Programs, Relations for Persistence.