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For Gio Wiederhold: Database Design, 3rd Edition; © copyright 1995, 1997 Gio Wiederhold.

The copyright for material from the 2nd Edition of Database Design was reconveyed from McGraw-Hill publishers to Gio Wiederhold.

You can copy and distribute any chapter or part of a chapter of Database Design, 3rd edition, in electronic form as long as this copyright notice is included. However restrictions apply to the printing of copies; i.e., the paper distribution and redistribution of this material: printing is handled as shareware.
If you print a numbered chapter or part of a chapter or appendix Gio Wiederhold will expect reimbursement at the rate of $1.- or equivalent for the first chapter and $0.50 for each subsequent chapter you print. The same rate applies to subsequent paper reproduction.
Payment, once made, also entitles you to print subsequent updates, and if you forward your email address to me at <> I will notify you when significant updates are made. Payment may be made by

  1. check mailed to Gio Wiederhold, 601 van Ness #748, San Francisco CA 94102
  2. on-line transfer to account ... at Cybercash or NLightning, an on-line service for Writers
  3. bank transfer to my account #285 1202, BLZ 600 501 01 at the Landesgirokasse, Postfach 106023, Falbenhennenplatz 17, 70000 Stuttgart 10, Germany.
If you are in a country with currency transfer restrictions, please let me know and I will try to set up adequate arrangements.
(Reprint rights for Korea, as well as foreign language rights continue to be held by McGraw-Hill)

Gio Wiederhold (, June 1995, revised 1997.
End of copyright notice.