JIIS Special Issue on I3, Call For Papers


Journal of Intelligent Information Systems

Special Issue on Intelligent Integration of Information

We are soliciting papers for a special topic issue of the Journal of Intelligent Information Systems focused on interoperation and mediation among information sources and their consumers. Intelligent selection and processing of of data leading to the creation of information, to the benefit of end-users, are the central topics.

Important are solutions that deal with:

  • heterogeneity of representations, media, and semantics
  • system architecture, components, and services to achieve interoperation
  • tools, methods, and interface standards to build and validate modules
  • implementations that demonstrate successes and problems
  • In any paper quantitative assessments and metrics will be valued.

    Papers will be due 15 June 1995, and will be refereed with care. Accepted or conditionally accepted papers are expected to be revised by the authors to the satisfaction of the referees.

    To encourage consistency, we recommend that papers use the terminology that is being defined as part of the ARPA Intelligent Integration of Information (I3) program. Having consistency should greatly increase the value to the readers of placing related papers into a single issue. That files, and more detailed